15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:16 am
By:Mike Litzler

Do you think anyone cares if we, the ordinary people, do not try to look good? What will happen if a celebrity does that? Imagine a celeb waking up in the morning, and coming out to attend an event with no makeup, luxurious clothes, and accessories. We bet they don't look any better than we do! This is the reason why we never see a star, particularly a female singer or actor, without makeup. The following 15 celebrities with and without makeup pictures prove that the celebs don't look as good as we think they do. Emma Watson is an exception, though!
7.Paris Hilton

Well, many people think that Paris Hilton does not look good even with makeup! We must admit that she looks a little weird when you compare her with the other celebrities of her age. Infamous celebrity who made her sex tape is not gorgeous, and she is not ugly either. You can see Paris Hilton without makeup in the picture on the left. Do you think she looks good? We are not sure if you find her attractive or ugly, but we certainly did not find her attractive. She appears like a female version of McCauley Culkin!

Paris Hilton-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup
8.Pamela Anderson

Famous blonde Pamela Anderson is 48 years old now. Most middle-aged women envy her perfectly toned body, youthful face, and magnificent hair! Their middle-aged husbands go mad at Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson indeed looks good in most photos, but have you ever seen her without makeup before? Well, check this picture and tell us how she is any different than a typical 40-ish woman! Boobs? Well, they were fake too. Pamela Anderson recently went through a surgical procedure to remove the implants, so the fake ones are gone as well! 

Pamela Anderson-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

9.Reese Witherspoon

Without making herself up before a night on the town Reese Witherspoon is kind of a mess. A cute little mess. But a mess just the same. That confident starlet's swagger we see on the right, without makeup becomes a desire to hide behind the nearest dumpster.

Reese Witherspoon-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup