12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 8:24 am
By:Tony Williams

We live in an era where people would see us as primitives if we tell them that we don't use any social media accounts! Social media has become a kind of addiction. On a positive note, it has completely changed the way people communicate with each other. It has especially helped the celebrity community to keep in touch with their fans, followers, and well-wishers. Some celebs, however, have remained inaccessible to fans, as they are yet to embrace the social media culture. As you may already know, Twitter is the most popular social media platform for celebrities. Check out the names of 12 celebrities who are not on Twitter yet!
1.Jennifer Lawrence

In a BBC Radio 1 interview some time ago, a fan asked Jennifer Lawrence if she had a Twitter profile. She confirmed she doesn't have one. Much to the disappointment of her fans, the "Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence, told her fans that she would never use any social media website in the future as well. The Oscar-winning actress believes she is bad at technology, particularly the internet. "I'm not very good at phones or technology. I can't really keep up with emails, so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. I don't really understand what it is, it's this weird enigma that people talk about. And it's fine, I respect that, but no, I will never get a Twitter," she said in the interview. It seems Jennifer Lawrence hate the internet a lot and she would surprised to find that there are people in foot fetish community who adore Jennifer Lawrence's feet so much. Don't you think she has every reason in the world to hate it?!

Jennifer Lawrence-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

2.Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield played Eduardo Saverin (Facebook Cofounder) role in the 2010 American biographical drama film "The Social Network", but it's little surprising for us to know that the 33-year-old British-American actor hardly has any online presence. He doesn't use Twitter or Facebook, and no one has a clue why. The "Amazing Spider-Man" actor is famous enough to be liked or followed by millions of fans around the world. His unofficial and fan-made social media pages have thousands of followers, which indicate how popular he's already on the internet.

Andrew Garfield-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

3.Mila Kunis

You would have initially thought that Twitter would have been perfect for Mila Kunis, but apparently not since she is not on there. Considering she is quite hip and trendy it would have made sense for her to be posting Tweets about all kinds of things to her fans, but it appears to be something that she would rather avoid. Not to forget her husband Ashton Kutcher who's using his massive social media followers to make butt load of money from his sponsored website.

Mila Kunis-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

4.Robert Pattinson

The star of Twilight would be inundated with followers if he opened up an account that was verified as actually being him. His followers would clearly just love the Twilight saga, but considering how many of them there are out there it does mean that his account would be huge basically over night.

Robert Pattinson-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

5.Daniel Radcliffe

The news that Harry Potter is not on Twitter is certainly going to be a major disappointment to the millions of people that love the character. Ok so millions would not then go on to follow Daniel, but thousands would and would love to find out what Harry Potter does get up to in his spare time. People are not yet done with Harry Potter memes even though the last movie was made back in 2011. 

Daniel Radcliffe-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

6.Rachel McAdams

It has been a long wait for the "Mean Girls" actress Rachel McAdams's fans, but we are afraid they may not see her on Twitter ever. Rachel McAdams told a People's Magazine reporter in 2009 that she is an old-fashioned woman who rarely uses the internet. She admitted she didn't even have a television, and that she had listened to the news on the radio. When questioned about getting a Twitter profile, the 37-year-old actress said she was too ignorant to use email properly, let alone managing a Twitter account! Seven years later, we still can't find her presence online! It would probably take a week or two to get used to Twitter, but it seems she doesn't find the internet and social media intriguing!

Rachel McAdams-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

7.Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway really does have her admirers and she would find out just how many if she actually did venture onto the world of Twitter. Her followers would really end up being a fair cross section of people that were on Twitter rather than just mad fans who love everything that she has ever done like the one time when Anne Hathaway had an embarrassing sex scene with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anne Hathaway-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

8.Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock doesn't use Twitter, and we firmly believe she is not going to get Twitter or other social media profiles anytime soon. The 51-year-old "Speed" actress has a different but thought-provoking perspective on the social media. She believes that most of us are not representing our lives truthfully on the internet. She told The Times (UK), "Like when you're yelling at your child, you're not taking a selfie of you being a horrible parent. No, you're waiting for the perfect selfie. 'Do I look thinner now?' 'Do I look great?' It's this false projection of one's life." She has expressed her deep displeasure over the 'selfie generation' many times in the recent past! Sandra bullock is also famous for her eye scar on the internet.

Sandra Bullock-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

9.Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is one funny guy and in all honesty it is a bit of a tragedy that he is not officially on Twitter because you just know that they would be slightly insane, but a lot of fun to read. However, you wonder how he would fare with getting things condensed into those few characters, so perhaps in that sense it is best he is not on there.

Will Ferrell-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All


10.Owen Wilson

When it comes to funny, cool actors that play fun roles, then Owen Wilson has to be one of the best out there. The fact that he does not have Twitter is certainly something that his fans hopes he will sort out. You just know that if he opened an official account he would get tens of thousands of people in next to no time.

Owen Wilson-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

11.Scarlett Johansson

With her being as popular as she is, you will be surprised that Scarlett has not decided to jump into Twitter and start telling her fans all kinds of things about her life. OK her followers may not match some of the other Hollywood stars, but there would still be a huge number of people that would follow her in order to learn more about her life in general.Don't forget Scarlett Johansson has a massive Feet fetish followers as well, may be this could be the reason why she is scared of the internet. 

Scarlett Johansson-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

12.Will Smith

The fact that Will Smith does not have Twitter is certainly a surprise because you just know that he would have a huge number of followers in next to no time. Surely something such as Twitter is just perfect for him to reach out to his fans, but maybe he will eventually decide to join up in the future and then watch him being swamped.

Will Smith-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

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