12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 8:24 am
By:Tony Williams

We live in an era where people would see us as primitives if we tell them that we don't use any social media accounts! Social media has become a kind of addiction. On a positive note, it has completely changed the way people communicate with each other. It has especially helped the celebrity community to keep in touch with their fans, followers, and well-wishers. Some celebs, however, have remained inaccessible to fans, as they are yet to embrace the social media culture. As you may already know, Twitter is the most popular social media platform for celebrities. Check out the names of 12 celebrities who are not on Twitter yet!

#12 Jennifer Lawrence

In a BBC Radio 1 interview some time ago, a fan asked Jennifer Lawrence if she had a Twitter profile. She confirmed she doesn't have one. Much to the disappointment of her fans, the "Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence, told her fans that she would never use any social media website in the future as well. The Oscar-winning actress believes she is bad at technology, particularly the internet. "I'm not very good at phones or technology. I can't really keep up with emails, so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. I don't really understand what it is, it's this weird enigma that people talk about. And it's fine, I respect that, but no, I will never get a Twitter," she said in the interview. It seems Jennifer Lawrence hate the internet a lot and she would surprised to find that there are people in foot fetish community who adore Jennifer Lawrence's feet so much. Don't you think she has every reason in the world to hate it?!

Jennifer Lawrence-12 Celebrities Who Don't Use Twitter At All

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