Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:13 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Cody Simpson

This guy is a pop star in Australia and he has certainly worked hard at building a following over the last few years. He started off on YouTube and due to spreading the word about his work online, and people watching his videos, he eventually made that leap into the offline world and is doing pretty well.

Cody Simpson-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

2.Kevin Wu

This guy is a young comedian who has become an Internet sensation thanks to YouTube. He has since appeared in a number of different television shows thanks to his popularity and Internet fame and with a huge number of subscribers to his channel he is anticipated to be hanging around for some time to come.

Kevin Wu-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

3.Greyson Chance

This is just a kid, but what a talent he is. His fame spread after a video was posted of him doing a Lady Gaga song and after it went viral he ended up appearing on a few chat shows and eventually a record deal. He is surely destined to be around the scene for quite some time.

Greyson Chance-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

4.The Gregory Brothers

This band is rather geeky and zany, but there is just something appealing about them. They started off on YouTube, but their hard work has paid off big time with a couple of viral videos helping to increase their popularity.

The Gregory Brothers-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

5.Carly Rae Jepsen

This Canadian musician has had a couple of huge hits and it is all thanks to YouTube. She would post up early videos of herself performing and due to creating a bit of a buzz on the site it eventually led to a record deal and the rest, as they say, is history.

Carly Rae Jepsen-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

6.Kate Upton

OK so she was not purely discovered on YouTube, but this model and actress was certainly helped by a few videos that appeared in the website. The videos helped her to increase her fan base and in the world of glamour and Hollywood that in itself counts for so much.

Kate Upton-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube


Dondria is of course an American R&B singer and she was spotted thanks to her posting up videos of her doing covers of famous songs to YouTube. She has had a few hits and produced a couple of albums, so even though she may not be super famous she has still done well for herself.

Dondria-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube


This is a young singer who managed to get over one million views on her YouTube video in under three months and that is pretty good considering it was the first thing that she did. She has since been signed to Def Jam and lets face it that in itself is one amazing achievement.

Avery-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

9.Liam Sullivan

This comedian and actor has to thank YouTube for his fame because it was on there that people started to pick up on his rather crazy videos. He has since went on to make guest appearances in a number of shows, but it is still his Internet videos that are the most popular.

Liam Sullivan-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

10.Esmee Denters

This Dutch singer wowed people that stumbled across her recordings on YouTube and it was no surprise that people in the music industry heard about her and went to check her out. She has since produced an album and has earned rave reviews.

Esmee Denters-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

11.Bo Burnham

This is a guy who started off as a comedian on YouTube at the age of 16 and quickly built up a pretty good following. He has since appeared on TV and is quickly becoming popular in the offline world as well as the online one.

Bo Burnham-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube

12.Justin Bieber

Well everybody actually knows the story as to how this guy got famous. Basically he was spotted on YouTube, was introduced to Usher, and the rest is history. If you hate him, then blame YouTube because without it he would have probably never been spotted.

Justin Bieber-Celebrities Who Got Famous Off YouTube



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