12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 10:21 am
By:James Fraser

Cars need gas to run, and millions of people around the world need coffee to function properly! Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano - whatever their names are, at the end of the day, all of them carry a much-needed elixir to run the modern humankind, which is called COFFEE. Coffee is inarguably one of the most aromatic and tastiest drinks humans have ever prepared. If you are a coffee lover, these 12 hilarious coffee memes sum up what a cup of joe really means to you! 
1.Coffee, One Cup Please?

Besides the taste of coffee, its ability to keep one active and motivated throughout the day is the reason why many people drink coffee. The more they drink the energetic they stay throughout the day. Coffee, as you may know, is high in caffeine. Caffeine is addictive, and it is what makes people hooked up with coffee all the time. While there's no harm in drinking a couple of cups of coffee a day, but too much of it is bad for health in the long run.

Coffee, One Cup Please?-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

2.An Ejacu-Latte!

Cum is the last thing one wants to see in their coffee! We agree the whole thing looks a little awkward, but we have to appreciate the latte artist's effort as well as the person who's about to sip on that coffee for their creativity and lightheartedness. As you know, some baristas are excellent at creating awesome shapes and designs on coffee. Have a look at this 3D latte art, and you will understand how artistic some baristas can be!

An Ejacu-Latte!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

3.Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend!

For those coffee freaks, there's no better friend than a cup of joe! Feeling tired? Coffee solves it. Having a bad headache? Coffee solves it too. Feeling sleepy at work? Coffee has a solution for it as well! If you love drinking coffee, it should definitely be one of the closer things to your heart. It never lets you down when you need it the most! "Hello darkness, my old friend…" is what you should be singing every time you have a cup of coffee in your hand!

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day


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