15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 10:33 am
By:James Fraser

If we were to pen down the names of some coolest crimes, graffiti would always have a place on the list. Call it art or vandalism, graffiti is something that's hard to overlook. We all appreciate the street artists' incredible talent and admire their work until one starts smearing color on our property! Well, everything in the world is a canvas to paint on if you see it from an artist's eye - even a public restroom wall. You may have already seen toilet graffiti, but let us show you these 15 hilarious bathroom graffiti pictures that we believe are the best!
1.Are You John Connor?

The artist here made best out of that toilet handle. He drew Arnold's character from Terminator 2 movie. As you know, 'are you John Connor?' is Arnold's famous dialogue in the movie. The toilet handle signifies Arnold's robotic arm. Boy, this is some serious creativity.

Are You John Connor?-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

2.What Pudding Pop is He Referring to?

How does it feel like to get a compliment from Bill Cosby in a toilet? The artist who drew this has got big sense of humor! Why would anyone carry a pudding pop to a toilet? He means something else! You don't need to think much about it to get it actually! Now, don't say yuck!

What Pudding Pop is He Referring to?-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever

3.Don't Act Like You are Not Impressed

This toilet art should remind you that hilarious Will Ferrell erection scene from the Anchorman movie. The artist made good use of coat hanger there. The expression of the image is hilarious! That's one c*cky coat hanger to deal with!

Don't Act Like You are Not Impressed-15 Hilarious Toilet Graffiti Images Ever


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