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Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 3:00 pm
By:Tony Williams


This quote is funny as it appears to be the case that he is trying to justify something and make it sound slightly better than it perhaps should be. Yes he is not that sure about wanting to kill her, but he will be quite happy if she is just not alive, so ultimately he gets what he wants even if it is not him doing the killing part. This is the twisted logic of what is a fantastic character.

Kill-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


This quote is seriously funny since he is trying to get Brian into trouble by stating that he was lured into the car with strange promises. You can imagine the reaction of doing this in real life and that is the part that makes this funny since you know that the police officer would then leap into action and Brian would be dragged out of the car in an instant.

Luring-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


How cruel and typically Stewie is this quote? He is clearly a very angry child when you think about the different quotes and we all know what would happen if we said this kind of thing to our own mother and it would not be nice her reaction. There is some frustrated megalomaniac inside him clearly, but at times that person leaps out resulting in quotes such as this one.

Womb-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


Ok this does not have a snapshot of the scene, but it is still a great quote from him and shows how he just gets straight to the point even if what he has to say is quite brutal in nature. Instead, of just going and playing nicely as requested he cannot help himself and has to come up with this rather stronger reply than perhaps Lois would have expected. It shows that you never know what will come out of his mouth next.

Hell-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes

5.British nanny

This is another quote where you can really feel his frustration at the situation as he is just wanting a good shake, but the nanny is apparently unable to do it to his satisfaction. This just makes the entire thing funny because now it is almost as if the tables have been turned on the nanny with him taking control.

British nanny-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes

6.Ice cream

The best part about this quote is that we can probably all relate to it at some point in our life when the ice cream plan is just not quite working out as we hoped. We look at it in the same angry way as Stewie is at this moment and we curse it for either finishing or being out of our reach with us being too lazy to go and get it. This is a quote that we have sympathy with him for and this alone makes it a good one.

Ice cream-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


This episode showed him pumped up and this quote just really sums up his feelings on the matter and how good he thinks he looks. You can tell that Brian is, yet again, not that bothered about it, but Stewie believes he looks immense with all of those muscles popping out all over the place.

Pumped-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


One thing that Stewie is not lacking in is self-confidence as this quote proves. Yes he has lipstick on, but he is still challenging Brian to make a comment about him as he knows that he looks good and just wants Brian to admit it as well. However, you do know that Brian is not too fussed about it and will just tell him he does to please him.

Lipstick-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


The best part about this quote is that you know Stewie is immensely proud of what he has done and when you watch the scene you can see the pride in his face as he recounts the tale. It is the detail in the quote that helps to make it so good as well as the idea that this child could go and do something like this and not be too concerned about getting into trouble.

Louisville-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


This chat between Brian and Stewie is a typical example of what goes on between them and it is a fantastic quote. They do have quite an intellectual conversation most of the time as this shows, but at the same time you cannot help but feel that there is a lot of sarcasm in what Stewie says thanks to his rather strange way of looking at how the world operates.

Bible-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes

11.Fat man

This is another example of Stewie cutting straight to the chase with what he is thinking and he manages to do this in only four words. This is the kind of quote where you can instantly hear his voice in your own head as you read it and you just know the exact kind of delivery of the line and the reaction of everybody that hears it.

Fat man-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


Yes this is Stewie singing and dancing while holding some drugs and being all happy about doing so. This is just a funny scene as you do not expect it to come and it has to be the first song and dance routine connected to drugs in this way in the history of any television show or movie. However, it s a cool quote and is undoubtedly one of the best that he comes out with.

Weed-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


This scene is hilarious as it does show how quick he is with his retorts in certain situations. He really is confused as to how she could be so stupid, so of course he is going to make a comment about it and you have to admit that you would think the exact same thing as Stewie if you were in that situation.

Retarded-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes


This has to be one of his most cutting quotes as he does get straight to the point and tells the person what he thinks of them even though he knows that they will not like it. Instead, he puts them in his place, but you have to admit that he does it with some style and it is not merely saying the words for the sake of it as he really does mean every single part he says.

Bitch-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes

15.Love me

This quote just kind of sums his character up with the demanding nature of it. The actual animation part really does help to add to it as you see his frustration as he demands some action from basically anybody that is listening. You can even see the anger in his eyes at all of this and you just know that he is not very happy at all.

Love me-Best Stewie Griffin Quotes



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