15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:54 pm
By:James Fraser

Porn video plots are pretty awkward. They go like this. When a nurse walks into a patient's room, he miraculously gets cured and becomes healthy enough to have a full blown intercourse!  Every time a repairman visits a home, he ends up screwing more than one thing. And, pizza delivery guys always get their share of fun because ladies they meet don't have money to pay for pizzas! Porn movie makers see plot as most useless thing in a movie, and keep all their focus on 'money shots'. 
Can those plots we usually see in porn movies happen in real life? They do happen! Here are fifteen people who shared their sexual encounters on Reddit that are more or less an implausible porn movie plot.
4.This Young Fella Who F*cked a Woman Who Was Twice His Age

Now that I think about this, i (early 20s) went to a womans (late 40s) house to fix her computer and ended up plowing her later. on her bed in front of a mirror. was pretty good. did it the next few times she needed service.
Probably half of the all the porn videos ever made have this same plot where plumbers, repairmen, pizza delivery guys etc making out with older ladies.

This Young Fella Who F*cked a Woman Who Was Twice His Age-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

5.Here Comes the Pizza Delivery Guy

I was a pizza guy for 3 years. Delivered to this one cute girl. Anyhow handed her the pizza, had her sign and while she did she poked her booty out quite nicely. Then she had my attention. But typical me didn't make any conversation. She handed me back the receipt asked if I had a FB. I said no, but I can give you my phone number. Minutes after I got in my car she texted me talking dirty stuff. So when I got off my shift I came back over and it happened. Didn't happen on the spot, but I came back and got the job done shortly after. It counts. Right?
We just talked about pizza delivery guys, right? Here we have a real life pizza delivery guy who had fun with a girl just like what you usually see in porn videos. Though the encounter is not exactly the same, it still counts!

Here Comes the Pizza Delivery Guy-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario

6.Another Day, Another Couple

Well... I guess my mom and step-dad were in one. He was a handyman who came over to fix our dishwasher. Next thing I knew he was coming over nightly. 2 weeks in I asked my mom, "Why don't you just replace the darn dishwasher? I'm sick of this guy over ever night...."

Another Day, Another Couple-15 People Confess Their Actual Porn Scenario