Strangest Foods Around The World

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 7:28 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Ying Yang fish

It is called "ying-yang fish" and also known as "dead and alive" fish. It is illegal in Taiwan but recently became famous in china as some chef found new way to make fish alive as it is deep fried. I can't understand why some people eat such weird dishes in which they want their food alive or in movement.

Ying Yang fish-Strangest Foods Around The World


There is a disgusting as well poisonous dish in front of you. Only highly trained chefs are allowed to handle this dish and one more dangerous fact about it that domestic preparation has been known to cause accidental death. So why people chose this kind of dangerous food to eat. Fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish

Fugu-Strangest Foods Around The World

3.Dried lizards

Do you like lizards? If yes, then what are your plans for eating them? Here, in front of you, are dried lizards which are used for soup in some Asian cultures. They are also infused with alcohol to extract their medicinal properties. According to me, I wouldn't like to eat such a disgusting food for any kind of its medicinal properties.

Dried lizards-Strangest Foods Around The World

4.Tuna eyeball

There is new dish called Tuna Eyeball for you which can be called as world's weirdest food. This food can be found in Japanese grocery stores very easily. It tastes like squid. Now you guys! Tell me who wants to go to Japan for tasting and wasting your money on such a disgusting food.

Tuna eyeball-Strangest Foods Around The World

5.Mopane worms

Stop eating French fries as a snack. There is new crispy snack which is called as caterpillars which can be found on Mopane trees, an important source of proteins for the people of Africa. They are dried out and then eat as snack. So tell me who wants to taste these disgusting snacks.

Mopane worms-Strangest Foods Around The World

6.Casu marzu

Here, I'm coming with your birthday cake. Jokes apart, it is one of the weird foods that is called Casu Marzu. This dish is best described as a sheep milk cheese containing live insect larvae which are only about 8mm long but they can launch themselves up to 15cm when disturbed.

Casu marzu-Strangest Foods Around The World


Here is another weirdest food for you which is called Sannakji. Like many other eastern food, it is served raw. So if you are making your mind to eat this weird dish then I want to warn you that your food can be alive or you can see it moving in your plate. It consists of live nakji (a small octopus)

Sannakji-Strangest Foods Around The World


I guess, you always drink cold drink in cans but here I'm offering you a new dish in a can which is called surstromming. It is northern Swedish dish which contain fermented Baltic herring. One thing good about this weird dish is that it is commonly eaten outdoors.

Surstromming-Strangest Foods Around The World

9.Drunken shrimp

Now, I can understand why only noodles, Manchurian and burgers from china are famous whole over the world because they don't eat anything good except these few dishes. Here is one another weird dish which is called drunken shrimps that is eaten by Chinese alive. This dish is popular in US too but it includes an intermediary step which is called cooking.

Drunken shrimp-Strangest Foods Around The World

10.Bird's nest

I came to know that this Bird's nest soups have been used by the Chinese in their kitchen for the hundreds of years. It is one of the most expensive foods on the earth. But somebody please tell me who wants to waste his money for a disgusting food like it.

Bird's nest-Strangest Foods Around The World


O God! What is this and who wants to eat it? I'm sure this thing will be as disgusting in taste as it is looking. If you don't believe me then here are the words of famous chef Anthony Bourdain of the Travel channel who described it as "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing" he had ever eaten. Hakarl is a food from Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark.

hakarl-Strangest Foods Around The World



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