Weirdest Facts About Food

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 5:25 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.McNuggets also contains beef

McDonald's McNuggets also has beef apart from meat which you will learn about later in this slideshow. The Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and KFC Grilled Chicken Sandwich are other few of the examples which have beef as additive to enhance flavor. Check the ingredients next time and you will find that it's written as extract or essence.

McNuggets also contains beef-Weirdest Facts About Food

2.Fast food salads

Ever wondered why fast food salads are so crisp even after days of storage? well, they are added with an anti freeze chemical Propylene Glycerol to make it look fresh for prolonged duration. Eye and skin irritation can occur if it is consumed in its concentrated form

Fast food salads-Weirdest Facts About Food

3.Coca-cola can make you high

Do you know Coca-cola had cocaine in it a few years back and was then replaced with sugar. A can of Coca-cola has 10 teaspoons of sugar which can make you vomit immediately if phosphoric acid is not added to it to keep the sweetness to minimum level. And did i mentioned that 10 teaspoons of sugar are 100% of your daily recommended requirement.

Coca-cola can make you high-Weirdest Facts About Food

4.Viruses in your food

Processed food such as lunch meat is a very good medium for microbial growth and various harmful bacterias and in order to kill them FDA approved the use of bacteriophages which are a type of viruses in food. So basically the viruses in your food are added intentionally to save you from more harmful bacterias.

Viruses in your food-Weirdest Facts About Food

5.Chicken nuggets does not have chicken

McDonald's chicken nugget was sold as a popular example of MSP based food(Mechanically separated poultry) but after 2003 McDonald's chicken nuggets were made from meat rather than MSP.

Chicken nuggets does not have chicken-Weirdest Facts About Food

6.Strawberry milkshake doesn't have strawberry

So you like to order a strawberry milkshake at McDonald's because you love strawberry but do you know it's just chemicals which you are eating rather than an actual strawberry? Looks like the real strawberry is out of a milkshake budget for big companies like McDonald's.

Strawberry milkshake doesn't have strawberry-Weirdest Facts About Food

7.Fast food has pubic hairs

That's right guys, An average fast food patron eats about 10-12 pubic hairs in a year. This fact is actually acceptable since we have often seen hairs in our food but in fast food restaurants we are more likely to eat them.

Fast food has pubic hairs-Weirdest Facts About Food

8.Processed cheese

Do you know your processed is not actually cheese, it's more like "like cheese". Any pack of cheese which says processed or pasteurized cheese is actually 49% of chemicals and flavorings as ingredient in it and only 51% is the actual cheese which you want to eat.

Processed cheese-Weirdest Facts About Food

9.Shellac in jelly beans

Shellac is used as a shining material for wood and furniture. But did you know it's also used to make your childhood favorite Jelly beans? It's gives the shine to the Jelly Beans. Shellac is secreted from Kerria Lacca(an insect) from Thailand.

Shellac in jelly beans-Weirdest Facts About Food

10.Rodent hairs in peanut butter

Shocked right? But sadly it's true, Our Peanut butter has rodent and bugs hair. FDA laws allow for an average of 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter. On average you can find atleast 1 rodent hair in half a cup of peanut butter. I am not eating peanut butter anymore after this.

Rodent hairs in peanut butter-Weirdest Facts About Food



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