Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 9:06 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Game over

Maybe this guy is a video game fanatic, but is never very good so keeps dying at every opportunity hence him having game over tattooed on his eyelids. You can see that he was lucky to squeeze it in and in all honesty the writing should have been smaller, but even then it does not take away the fact he has writing on his eyelids.

Game over-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

2.The heart

The first thing here is that the heart is upside down, so this must have been done by somebody standing over him rather than in front. The combination with the star of David is strange as well, but perhaps they are happy with having two terrible designs on their eyelids. These tattoos do just shout out that they have been done at home for a drunken dare.

The heart-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

3.Kiss me

Saying kiss me on your eyelids is marginally better than other eyelid tattoos out there that say blow me, so even though this is still weird it is not as crazy as it could have been. You can kind of see the point here, but why you would choose your eyelids for this tattoo is still a mystery. Oh and the piercing looks painful as well.

Kiss me-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos



If all else fails, then dollar signs on your eyeballs appears to be the thing you would fall back on. It is difficult to actually see the point in this tattoo as it really does serve no purpose apart from showing you know what a dollar sign looks like. Surely the guy has found himself wishing he did not bother to get them done?

Dollars-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

5.Better eyes

These eyes are so much better than a number of other examples out there, but they are still creepy in that they look so real at first glance even though her real eyes are closed. It really does play with your mind a bit when somebody has this done and imagine how freaked you would be if you saw it after a few drinks?

Better eyes-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

6.The spider

In a strange way this tattoo is quite cool, although why anybody would want a tattoo of a spider on their eyelid does of course remain a mystery to the majority of people. It does fit the space quite well, but it is just a creepy image to have on your eyelid, but at least you do not see it yourself and this has to be a blessing in disguise.

The spider-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

7.Blue lids

What exactly is going on here? This is one of those strange tattoos where it just makes no sense whatsoever. This guy should surely have known better than to go ahead and have something like this done, or perhaps something went wrong and he ended up with the wrong part of his body being done? That tattoo cannot be real?

Blue lids-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

8.Don't wake

This tattoo is at least trying to put across a message that the guy loves his sleep, but perhaps a sign on the door indicating this would have been the least painful option. Instead, what happens if he does actually want somebody to wake him up for an appointment? Is this not giving mixed signals?

Don't wake-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

9.Blow me

Having words tattooed on your eyelids seems to be quite popular, but it is perhaps fair to say that having "blow me" on there is not going to be something that a lot of people will do. Is the guy supremely confident about himself? Is he showing bravado? Is he showing he is stupid? Who knows, but it has certainly led to a tattoo that is one of the craziest you will see.

Blow me-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos


This tattoo is scary since it contains a pentagram on each eyelid. However, the entire look that this guy has is quite strange, so perhaps the tattoos really do just blend in with what he is hoping to achieve. This does not take away the fact that it is a scary thing to look at, but you just know that he has managed to achieve what he set out to do.

Pentagram-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos


This tattoo is actually freakier than it perhaps should have been as there is a lot going on in such a small space and this is the part that tends to confuse you. At first you think it is eyes, but then is it a star, but ultimately it looks like some strange kind of sun, however, why anybody would want this tattoo in the first place is a mystery.

Sun-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos


Loving Egypt is one thing, but going and getting it put on your eyelid is something completely different. It just comes across as being a completely bizarre place to have this tattoo, but then it is difficult to imagine a good place on any part of the body. Surely it has some special significance to him in order to have it done, or perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

Pyramid-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

13.Never sleep

The writing on this tattoo is actually quite good, but it still does not take away the fact that it is a strange idea to have a tattoo saying never sleep that will only really be seen when you are sleeping. The irony is surely there for all to see apart from the guy that has had it done obviously as he has perhaps not thought that part through.

Never sleep-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

14.Bad eyes

There is this apparent craze in makeup where girls replicate those anime eyes on their eyelids and they look strange, but cool. This guy has had what must be the worst eyes in the world put on his eyelids because now it looks like he is in a daze as they are looking in different directions. This tattoo will never have the WOW factor.

Bad eyes-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos

15.Pure sex

Believe it or not, but this old guy does indeed have the words Pure sex on his eyelids. You would have thought that somebody would be a good Samaritan and tell him that is not the case, but then when you have all of these other tattoos already on you, then I guess you do not listen to advice anyway.

Pure sex-Weirdest Eyelid Tattoos



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