Weirdest Sleeping Bags

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:38 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Blue Mummy

Like a mummy in tomb, this sleeping bag covers everything but your face. Tapered bottom, keeps you warmer while the wider top gives you room to move. Heat escapes through the head, so by keeping your head covered, you stay a lot warmer. Doze off and sleep comfortably, but not as long as a mummy.

Blue Mummy-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

2.Bear Bag

Roar! This sleeping bag is too cute. With cuddly fur and fleece, you can zip yourself in and fool any bear out there. Looking as if you were just a bear's dinner, you'll sleep peacefully in comfort and warmth, surrounded a beary unique sleeping bag. It's the only time you'll be comfortable around so many big teeth.

Bear Bag-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

3.Bomb Bag

These sleeping bags are the bomb. Roomy, warm and comfortable, you'll sleep tight just about anywhere. Take the discomfort out of sleeping outdoors, with a comfortable bag that can ensure a great night's sleep, free from bugs, dew and the cold. Slip right in to your own little room with a view.

Bomb Bag-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

4.Torpedo Bag

Like a torpedo in the night this sleeping bag is sleek and warm. With nothing but your face showing, you'll sleep tight in this comfort pod. The gradual taper makes for a warmer bag, as less air circulates your body. A great sleeping bag for extreme conditions and outdoor use.

Torpedo Bag-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

5.Dragon Fire

Every little kid's dream is to be eaten by a dragon ... a sleeping bag dragon, that is. This cute and snuggly dragon is all about comfort and fun, as you slip inside it's mouth and cuddle up for the night. Be careful though, dragon's are nocturnal, they may just stay awake and play all night.

Dragon Fire-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

6.Rest In Peace

Enter if you dare! This coffin sleeping bag might give you nightmares, as you wake up enclosed in the box-like bag. Complete with a cross on top, this sleeping bag would be the envy of any vampire around. With only an opening for your face, beware of the morning!

Rest In Peace-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

7.Pizza Parlor

Hold the anchovies, please! If you love pizza, you'll love this pizza sleeping bag, complete with all your favorite toppings, such as mushrooms, broccoli and olives. Almost good enough to eat, the best part is still the crust, as you rest your head on the satiny edge of this delicious pizza.

Pizza Parlor-Weirdest Sleeping Bags


A sleeping bag you can move in. These sleeping bags make it easy to eat, sleep and relax without taking them off, and without getting cold. Great for severe cold conditions, or anywhere you want to stay snuggled and warm. Like an astronaut, you are safe in your own insulated suit.

Runner-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

9.Cookie Bag

Who doesn't like cookies? No one, that's for sure. Well, it's even better when you're the filling, and they're sugar free, too. These sleeping bags keep you warm and toasty. You can almost smell the yummy goodness baking, as you sleep as your favorite comfort food. A side of milk please!

Cookie Bag-Weirdest Sleeping Bags


A ram with a belt. Okay, that's fine. It looks cozy and comfortable, with a spot for your head. Rams are pretty tough, so if any intruders happen upon you, it's good to know you are in good hands. Zip up in this sleep bag and be one with ram, at least for the night!

Tauntaun-Weirdest Sleeping Bags


If moths and butterflies can do it for months, then maybe it we might like it too. The cocoon sleeping bag looks like a pod, allowing you to hang it from a tree, away from bugs and some animals ... besides lions, tigers and bears. Oh my! A fun sleeping bag idea, even when if you're not stranded.

Cocoon-Weirdest Sleeping Bags

12.Shark Attack

Ever dream you're being eaten by a shark? Well, with this sleeping bag, you may wake up just as frightened. Imagine you wake up feeling relieved that it was just a dream, and then you look down to find half your body in a shark's mouth. Queue the music - da na, da na, da na!

Shark Attack-Weirdest Sleeping Bags



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