15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:07 am
By:James Fraser

Who gets all the girls in town? Two kinds of guys. The filthy rich douchebags and the handsome guys. Both the types are very rare, and you know, there are not enough of them to snatch away all the girls in the town. So, how do you get girls even if you belong to the most abundant and unfortunate class of people, the ugly and poor?! Yep, step one to pickup girls is getting Tinder installed. Step two? Well, think of a funny pickup line; b*tches love pickup lines! We know many of you guys suck at writing a great pickup line, so here are 15 decent, explicit, and nasty pickup lines to use on Tinder!
1.Tell Them Your Skills

Don't feel shy! If you have got some good set of skills, let your dating prospect know them in a humorous way.

Tell Them Your Skills-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

2.This Awesome Improvisation

While texting/chatting with a dating prospect or even a crush, you will have all the possibilities in the world to make the conversation more interesting. Be witty and eloquent!

This Awesome Improvisation-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder

3.He Scored!

A pickup line is like an entry-pass. They help you stand out from rest of the crowd. However, you need to keep your good work going to cross the 'finish line'.

He Scored!-15 Funniest Pickup Lines To Use On Tinder


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