Weirdest Shoes

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 9:10 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Candy Shoe

A great illusion, these little ankle boots have heels made of candy. It looks as if the candy spilled out and that the shoe will not be supported, but the fake candy is positioned in such a way to look scattered when it's really not. You'll be fending off stares in these shoes when you walk down the street.

Candy Shoe-Weirdest Shoes

2.Game Boy Shoe

Game Boy has taken over our minds, so why not our feet. These trendy and cute shoes are bright yellow with a high platform. The best part is the Game Boy fits into the heel and the little yellow critter has his own little space as well. Everyone will be following you around in these shoes.

Game Boy Shoe-Weirdest Shoes

3.Live In A Shoe

We all loved the story of the little old woman who lived in a shoe, and in our imaginations we thought about what it would be like to live in that shoe. These shoes are a great take on the old story, complete with a brick foundation, grassy lawn, and daisies. A cute shin boot, they look like they might actually be comfortable.

Live In A Shoe-Weirdest Shoes


4.Giraffe Shoes

These shoes are a keeper. A double spike heel made in the shape of giraffe legs to match the giraffe print on the shoe. A genius idea that makes a grand entrance. No one will be wearing these shoes when you walk into the room, and you'll be accepting compliments all night long.

Giraffe Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

5.Stuck In Gum Shoes

These shoes are super cool. Simulating the action of stepping in gum and then lifting your foot off the sidewalk, it appears to be real, at first glance. Someone could have a lot of fun in these shoes, tricking people and getting a laugh, but aside from that they look comfortable and sporty.

Stuck In Gum Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

6.Filet Of Sole Shoes

Do you really love fish that much, that you would wear them on your shoes? Some people would, and if you want to be unique, this is it. With so many styles repeating themselves year after year, these fish shoes are a winner in the new and fresh category, for sure.

Filet Of Sole Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

7.Leafy Shoes

A gorgeous pair of shoes, that probably look better in the picture than they feel on someone's feet. The tiny twig heels doesn't look as though it would hold much weight, but if it did, these could be beautiful at a wedding, or formal event. Surrounded by living flowers, they definitely make a statement.

Leafy Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

8.Flower Box Shoes

Great for a wedding. Instead of carrying the flowers, you can wear them ... around your ankles and in your shoes. A take on the stripper shoe, but adding flowers adds a touch of class to the clear, glass bottoms. The flowers are actually quite pretty, and if worn with the right outfit, these shoes might actually work.

Flower Box Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

9.No Sole Shoes

Ouch! These shoes are soul-less, in more ways than one. With the back spike sticking into the wearer's heel and no soul to protect the rest of the foot, they are more pretty than functional. Great for a photo shoot, but impossible to wear anywhere but home, and even that would be tricky.

No Sole Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

10.Staging Shoes

These shoes look hard to balance on. Appearing as if the entire shoe is up on a staging, it looks to place the shoe about five or more inches off the floor. The rubber stoppers at the ends would help the wearer not to sleep, but it's a long way down if they do.

Staging Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

11.Pygmy Shoes

A crazy looking heel, these shoes look like a pair of pygmies are holding them up. Strange looking naked people with pot bellies and their breasts hanging out. Not really a good look on anyone, and not sure why anyone would want to wear this look out, but live and let live.

Pygmy Shoes-Weirdest Shoes

12.Hook Boots

These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. Better not. These boots look like they're hurt whoever is under them, but even more so, what about the balls of your feet. There is no soul.

Hook Boots-Weirdest Shoes



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