12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:28 am
By:James Fraser

Who said you need to smoke weed or snort cocaine to experience psychedelic effects? There are several ways to do that without stepping into the murky world of drugs. Looking at these trippy pictures is one such harmless way! Stare at the pictures one by one without blinking your eyes, and then observe the things around you. Interestingly, they will start moving, and you will feel like you are tripping. Remember, these hypnotizing and trippy pictures aren't as potent as drugs, so they aren't going to get you really, really, high. If you have a history of suffering from psychological disorders, migraines, epilepsy, don't attempt to look at these pictures. 
4.This Trippy Picture

It isn't an animated picture, but it makes you feel like you are looking at one. You aren't going to trip hard, but this image quivers your mind a little. Quickly focus on different areas of the picture to notice the illusionary movements. As said earlier, this picture isn't going to get you high but works out your brain a bit to deal with hardcore tripping pictures and gifs ahead! Looking at this picture after smoking weed is a different story, though! 

This Trippy Picture-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

5.This Circling GIF

It is by far the best tripping GIF on this topic, and you should look no further if you really want to experience what psychedelic effects feel like. Focus on the center of this picture for a minute and watch something else like a keyboard, or just about anything that's around you. Whatever you see will start swirling! The effect doesn't last long, and it directly depends on how much time you look at the GIF. Remember, watching tripping pictures like these for a longer time than usual can give you severe headaches. 

This Circling GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

6.This Snake GIF

This GIF with its weird snake-like movement is yet another highly potent trippy image that distorts your vision and makes weird things happen in front of your eyes. Unlike the previous circling GIF, you need to follow the snake in the picture. Watch it as long as you can while trying not to blink your eyes frequently. Once you think you no longer can look at it, shift your focus to some other object near you and you will immediately find them looking distorted. 

This Snake GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High