12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:59 am
By:James Fraser

Reddit is one of the most active internet hangout places for millions of people around the world. It is a place where they share lots of things ranging from news to personal stories. There's one Subreddit on Reddit with the name, "Let's Not Meet," which is exclusively used by Redditors for sharing creepy personal experiences and stories of themselves or someone they know. If you love reading eerie, scary, and disturbing personal life stories, you have to read these 12 Reddit "Let's Not Meet" stories. 
4.This Creepy Public Transport Story

About a year ago in my final semester in college, I worked at a department store in the mall. I didn't have a car yet, so I asked for day shifts because it was a 2-hour bus ride back home. So basically if I had a closing shift, I'd get done at 11 but not get home until 1 am. But sometimes I'd be given closing shifts much to my annoyance since I had a 6 45 am class & my mother's worry because who wants their kid on public transport that late? (Sometimes she could come & get me but it'd be too much of a hassle to get my younger sisters out that late & such, so I never asked her). My managers being the jerks that they were gave me a week of closing shifts, knowing my situation. I was pissed but whatever. One night I had just finished my shift, got on the bus (I sat in the back)& was minding my business when my iPod died. I was annoyed, but I just kept my earbuds in & occupied myself by playing a crossword on my phone.
About two seats behind me I hear these guys speaking Spanish. Now, my stepmother is PuertoRican so while I uunderstand a fair bit of Spanish, I don't speak it. So i hear them talking, but I don't pay attention because it's rude to eavesdrop & all until they say "that black girl up there" then my ears perk up. I keep my earbuds in so that they think I can't hear them & I continue listening. What they're saying is horrific. To paraphrase, they knew my stop (second to last one before the bus gets back to the terminal & while my stop is at the front of my neighborhood, it's got no street lights & at this time of night, empty.) & to put it simply were planning on "snatching that piece of ass up."
I was about 20 mins away from home, so I knew I had to act quickly. Since I knew they could see me (they were 2 seats behind me but like across if that makes sense) i pretended to play on my phone, oblivious while I was actually texting my mom."Mom, can you please meet me at the bus stop" 5 minutes go by, no answer. We're getting closer to my stop so I decide to call her cell. No answer. I call the house phone & she finally answers. Its about 1230 am so she was asleep. I try to talk as cheerily &calmy as I can. This was our convo. "Hey mom, did you get my text?" "Uh, no...what's up?" "Oh, I sent you a picture of these jeans I'm gonna order online when I get home. I REALLY need your opinion so I REALLY need you to look since the sale ends at 1 am." She gets the hint that I need her to look at her cell so I say goodbye & hope for the best. We get to my stop & I see my mom's car. I snatch my shit up & hightail it off the bus. Idon't even look behind me to see if they're following me. I jump in the car & tell my mom to just GO. I look in the rearview & I see the guys staring at the car.
The next morning I called my job & told them I quit. No more public transport for me. Thanks to my stepmom for teaching me Spanish. Thanks to mom for getting the hint. Weird Spanish speaking guys, let's not meet again.
- kirashadowcat

This Creepy Public Transport Story-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

5.Reason Why You Shouldn't Accept Random Things From Strangers

The other day at work we were basically told to look out for ourselves and others, wait for a security guard etc. Now this was a normal thing for the suburb we live in but it was still a bit strange. My friend from night fill told me why.
Their friend and co-worker finished up at around 12 and was approached by this guy when he was at his car. The guy looked pretty normal, trakkies and all, and gave him an envelope claiming there were free Fringe tickets inside. (side note for clarification: Fringe is an art festival, like music and comedy and dancing etc. in the CBD) There was some sort of white powder on the ticket but he just assumed it was cocaine or something (again not uncommon in this area) so he just grabbed it, planning to throw it out later because it was probably counterfeit.
His mates came out around 12:15 to see him with something like burns on his hands (where he touched the powder) and felt like he was burning on the inside and couldn't breathe properly. Luckily he was still conscious and told them to take him to the hospital which luckily wasn't that far away.
They got there and practically everyone that came into contact with him felt like they were burning under their skin and were all having breathing difficulties within minutes. They had to call HAZMAT/ firies and everyone was decontaminated. Luckily everyone is okay.
Knowing that this shit is so close to home really is unnerving, it was like the anthrax issue except there were no death.

Reason Why You Shouldn't Accept Random Things From Strangers-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

6.This Cemetery Creeper!

This past weekend, my soon-to-be-wife Alexia and I had just settled down for a night of movies, pizza and cuddling. We live in a residential area right outside of town; our home situated right across the street from a Presbyterian church with a large cemetery behind it. Most of our neighbors don't own pets but there's one in particular across the street and downwards a bit who owns perhaps the loudest, most annoying dog to ever exist. Quite an annoyance on a night like tonight but luckily it was quiet for the entire evening.
It's around a quarter after 10:00 PM and we're lying down watching a film in our living room when the loudest dog on earth begins to go off. Unfortunately, there's nothing much we can do, except maybe confront our neighbor or file a noise complaint but who wants to be the neighbor that does that?

After about five minutes, I get up off the couch and decide to walk over to our neighbor's home and say something about the dog. As I headed outside and made it to their driveway, unfortunately, I noticed that the neighbor wasn't home; their only car not there. I decided anyway to walk up to the door and ring the bell. After a minute of no one answering, I gave up and headed back towards home.
I noticed that Alexia had stepped outside and was looking on towards the direction of the barking. I told her that no one was home and that we should either ignore it or finally file a complaint. No one should have to deal with a loud dog at night, especially if you're trying to unwind after a long day of work or are trying to sleep.
Alexia and I had back inside for a bit and finally after about ten minutes the dog ceases to bark. Alexia and I exhaled and laughed a bit before continuing our film. But of course, not long after that, the dog starts up again. This time, it sounded vicious.
I got up, went outside and approached our neighbor's fenced-off backyard and saw the dog, who must've heard or saw me coming. It stopped barking, walked up to me and began to pant in the cute way dogs do. I chuckled and said the dog's name, to which he looked at me and sat down. Such a good animal, even if he's so loud.
I then heard something that sounded like somebody walking through leaves coming from behind me and to the right. I turn around to see somebody looking at me from behind a gravestone in the cemetery. The dog must've heard this as well, as it sprung up and began to bark in the direction of the gravestone.
I looked on as the person continued staring in my direction and as the dog continued to bark. I looked towards my house where I saw Alexia standing near her car, looking at me with a confused look on her face. I looked in horror as I saw the person reveal himself from behind the gravestone; his forehead and cheek was stained red with blood, dripping down off of his chin. In his hand was some sort of dagger.
The dog began to go ballistic as the person took a few steps in our direction before stopping. I turned to the dog, then back at my home. Alexia, who was still outside, yelled out to me what was wrong. I told her to call the police. She said "why, the dog?" to which I replied "he's fucking armed." Probably confused, Alexia went inside to grab her phone as I continued to watch on as the person now began to back off, the dog now going berserk. It was going to take a bit of time for someone to reach our home, so I readied myself to go into self defense as I watched the man finally turn around and walk away towards the back of the cemetery and towards the woods.
When the police finally arrived, the person was long gone and I was stuck there explaining to a couple of skeptical officers about my encounter. They didn't seem to take me that seriously but still investigated the area as I explained to Alexia about the person I saw.
When the police left after finding no trace of anyone, Alexia and I didn't feel much better. We locked our doors and windows and I decided to call our neighbors to fill them in on everything before heading back to continue our movie night in spectacular fashion: with the Exorcist.
- eatmeoutdaddy

This Cemetery Creeper! -12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories