Most Dangerous Occupations.

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 3:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Security Guards

Some areas can be very dangerous and particularly some countries. These people often unarmed put their lives at risk every day. It is no surprise to find out that a percentage of them are harmed or even killed doing their job.

Security Guards-Most Dangerous Occupations.


Logging and lumber jacking rates high on the dangerous occupations list. Falling trees, the machinery they work with and bad weather conditions all make this a high risk occupation.

Logging-Most Dangerous Occupations.

3.Professional Fishermen

Dangerous weather, risk of drowning and dangerous materials used during fishing make this a high risk job. Sadly a number of them do indeed drown due to boats sinking, but that is the risk they take.

Professional Fishermen-Most Dangerous Occupations.


Pilots and flight engineers fall into a high risk category for job occupations. Simply because when you crash it has a high fatality rate because how many people actually survive?

Pilots-Most Dangerous Occupations.


Truckers not only travel in harsh conditions at times like ice and snow but also often fall asleep at the wheel due to long haul trips. This is, therefore, a dangerous job due to several reasons.

Truckers-Most Dangerous Occupations.


Most of us probably realize that roofers have a tough time of it with the threat of falling off and injuring themselves. However, heat is one of the main health threats for roofers.

Roofers-Most Dangerous Occupations.

7.Steel And Iron Workers

They work at great heights, heights that are enough to make a normal person cringe. Falling and falling tools are often the cause of their injuries and of course it does mean that death is a real possibility.

Steel And Iron Workers-Most Dangerous Occupations.

8.Garbage Collectors

It is a dirty job and someone has to do it. Considering these guys work with toxic waste and materials and our rubbish it maybe makes one think to say hello and thank you next time you see one passing by. You might not know it but many are injured and killed by traffic whilst on duty.

Garbage Collectors-Most Dangerous Occupations.

9.Power Workers

There are a couple of dangerous events that could occur to a power worker. Working with high voltage electricity, the tools they use and of course falling can all make this job a hazardous occupation.

Power Workers-Most Dangerous Occupations.

10.Traveling Sale People

Surprising at first, then logical when one realizes that traveling sales people spend a lot of time on the road. The odds for a car accident become stocked up against the hours one spends on the road.

Traveling Sale People-Most Dangerous Occupations.

11.Ranchers and Farmers

This might seem like an ideal job to many and indeed it has its perks, outdoors, fresh air and a varied day are some of the positive points. However, many farmers and ranchers operate dangerous machinery and use dangerous tools.

Ranchers and Farmers-Most Dangerous Occupations.

12.Construction Workers

While many workers worry about how much they earn, getting to work on time and perhaps working in a dull job, construction workers suffer the most accidents and fatalities than most jobs.

Construction Workers-Most Dangerous Occupations.



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