Most Abandoned Places In The World

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 8:11 pm
By:Mike Litzler


Keelung in Taiwan is a complete abandoned city and you can see how the rainforest has already started to reclaim some of the land. This makes it feel even spookier with these high-rise buildings sticking out above the trees and you can just picture how vibrant a place it would have been up until it was abandoned relatively recently.

Keelung-Most Abandoned Places In The World


Czetochowa in Poland is like the land that time forgot with it being a train depot that just appeared to grind to a halt. The way in which the trains have just been left there does lead to a rather strange feeling about the entire place and you just know it would be creepy to walk around here.

Czetochowa-Most Abandoned Places In The World

3.Sea Forts

These strange buildings are actually abandoned British sea forts that were constructed in WW2 in order to help prevent an invasion. Believe it or not, but one of them is actually still inhabited with it being called Sealand, however, the others are being left to basically fall into the sea.

Sea Forts-Most Abandoned Places In The World


Gary in Indiana is a ghost town and the cathedral is the prime example of the absolute failure of this town. It fell on hard times due to the local industry collapsing and as is the norm, when the money runs out people move elsewhere leading to these ruined buildings that used to be spectacular.

Gary-Most Abandoned Places In The World


The confusing thing about this site is that it is a beach resort that has been abandoned in Cyprus. How a city is surplus to requirements on the beach in a country with amazing weather is a mystery, but the building boom coming to an end was at least partly to blame leading to half finished buildings.

Varosha-Most Abandoned Places In The World

6.Ordos City

Ordos City is in Inner Mongolia and it does mean that the Chinese are rather good at building things that are then abandoned. They believed one million people would move there, but they didn't resulting in a huge abandoned site that is never going to be used.

Ordos City-Most Abandoned Places In The World

7.Wonderland Amusement Park

This amusement park is in Beijing and it was abandoned even before it was completed in 1998. They were going way over the top with the design and tried to make it like a fairy tale, but what then went wrong is difficult to say since the Chinese are often quite secretive about things.

Wonderland Amusement Park-Most Abandoned Places In The World

8.Salton Riviera

The Salton Riviera was as a direct result of the Colorado river overflowing and forming an artificial lake in 1905. People saw an opportunity to open up a tourist resort and it did thrive until they started to kill everything in the water due to pollution resulting in everybody abandoning it all again leaving it like this photograph.

Salton Riviera-Most Abandoned Places In The World


Craco is in Italy and it does have a rather long and tortuous history. It was finally abandoned in 1963 due to earthquakes and the hill itself being seen as too unstable and no longer safe to live on. The town is now quite creepy and eerily silent and it is strange knowing that a town with such history can be abandoned relatively quickly.

Craco-Most Abandoned Places In The World


This town in Chile was built on nitrate, but after the nitrate market was superseded by a cheaper alternative in the 1930s it saw a decline in its fortunes. It was finally abandoned in 1961 although it is now a very popular ghost town to walk around in and explore if you are ever in Chile.

Humberstone-Most Abandoned Places In The World


Centralia is an old mining town situated in Pennsylvania and it was abandoned in 1962 after a huge fire destroyed the coal deposits it was built upon. As this photograph shows, the fire is still burning underground and it does give this place a strange, creepy feeling to it even though it was abandoned due to safety reasons.

Centralia-Most Abandoned Places In The World


Kolmanskop is in Namibia and the desert has slowly reclaimed the town after it was abandoned in 1954 after its diamond run came to an end. Now you just get buildings half covered by sand when it used to be such a vibrant and lively town, but when wealth leaves a place the people will follow.

Kolmanskop-Most Abandoned Places In The World

13.Gunkanjima Island

This is a small island off the coast of Nagasaki and it was abandoned in the 1950s. The reason why this happened was because of the coal supply coming to an end as it was inhabited due to the wealth brought there by the mines. The island is now abandoned after people sought their fortunes elsewhere.

Gunkanjima Island-Most Abandoned Places In The World

14.Machu Picchu

So why is an ancient ruin in here? Quite simply because the entire village was abandoned even though we have no idea why or even exactly when. This is one of the most amazing sites you will ever have the chance to visit with it being in the middle of nowhere and the peace and quiet that it brings.

Machu Picchu-Most Abandoned Places In The World


This place is perhaps better known by another name, Chernobyl and it has been abandoned since the nuclear accident that occurred there in 1986. The only people that have ventured there have been scientists as it is still too dangerous to live there, although people have been known to go on tours in what is a ghost city.

Pripyat-Most Abandoned Places In The World



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