Male To Female Transformations

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 3:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

This might come as surprise to many netizens that Bruce Jenner was not the first one to have a sex change. There had been many male to female transformations in recent years that no one talks about because they are not as much popular as the Kardashians. Here are 13 males who have undergone sex change operation to become a female for the rest of their life.
1.It Really Is Quite Simple.

For some changing from male to female is as simple as adding false eyelashes and a wig. As this very handsome or is it beautiful women shows? Just goes to show there could be a beautiful woman inside of every man!

It Really Is Quite Simple.-Male To Female Transformations

2.Make-up Magic

The beautiful heavy browed blue eyed brunette on the left would look comfortable in a Vogue magazine. Nothing at all how she looked a few hours ago as a burly chap with a 5oclock shadow. Never underestimate the power of make-up.

Make-up Magic-Male To Female Transformations


Some people just look hot and convincing whoever they are. This transsexual looks great as a male or a female. Or is it the camera angles?

Gifted-Male To Female Transformations

4.A Great Smile

The gentleman on the left didn't do much to alter his appearance. Red lipstick and a dazzling smile s well as a bit of cleavage works wonders when transforming from male to female.

A Great Smile-Male To Female Transformations

5.From Sleazy to Quite Hot

Male to female transitions often involve stockings particularly if it is for a shorter period. Perhaps this says a lot about how men think in general regard their love of stockings. The sexy woman on the right definitely gets a thumbs up as opposed to her attire earlier where she or he just looked sleazy

From Sleazy to Quite Hot-Male To Female Transformations

6.A Quick Change

Some men can change suddenly as this photo shows from male to female. Perhaps males and females have more similar characteristics than we realize? It could be all in the attitude and demeanor.

A Quick Change-Male To Female Transformations

7.The Natural Look

The natural look seems to go down well. This young man shown left certainly knows how to pull off the girl next-door simplistic cuteness. Who would suspect that this spunky chick was in fact a dude once.

The Natural Look-Male To Female Transformations

8.Show Time

Some male to female transformers have a sense of the dramatics. Over done eye-shadow, lashes, and very drawn on lips. The eyebrows too are a dead give away. If you are a dancer on the Vegas strip this look may go down quite well.

Show Time-Male To Female Transformations

9.From Boys To Women

Talking about male to female transformations some people simple just knew from the moment they were born there was something wrong. Many spend a lifetime feeling trapped inside a cage called their body. Thanks to innovative surgery and clever scientists the medical profession can change everything for them.

From Boys To Women-Male To Female Transformations

10.From Gangster to Luscious

All races and ethnic groups have their trans-gender population. Trans-gender is when an individual takes the final step. Or, final 'cut' as it is known. This beautiful black woman on the right is a far cry from the bandanna wearing gangster type she was before.

From Gangster to Luscious-Male To Female Transformations

11.Cupid Bow Blotch

Even if transforming into a female is only for a short time, crossing over has been enjoyed for generations and knows no age limit. One of the give-away signs is a very sharp cupids bow drawn on with liner. A little softer with the lipstick might have served him better?

Cupid Bow Blotch-Male To Female Transformations

12.Curvy Rules!

Just like real life women in everyday life trans-gender males come in all shapes and sizes. This curvy soft skinned brunette once sported a beard and a bit of a beer belly. In his place is a soft bellied curvaceous woman many men would worship and admire.

Curvy Rules!-Male To Female Transformations

13.Sophisticated Blond

The beautiful elegant women on the right was once this sporty looking dude with the sandy blond hair. High cheekbones a narrow ski-slope nose and twinkling blue eyes have taken over from the cheeky almost dimpled male cuteness that used to be there. Who says trans-gender male to female cannot be simply elegant?

Sophisticated Blond-Male To Female Transformations



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