Insane Japanese Inventions

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 6:01 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Finger tooth brush!!

Admit it we all have once used our forefinger as toothbrush in extreme cases. As our fingers cannot reach the inner parts of our teeth it's not advisable to use our fingers but now you can use your fingers to brush your teeth with this awesome Japanese invention. just insert your finger in it and apply the toothpaste and start brushing!!

Finger tooth brush!!-Insane Japanese Inventions

2.Chew meter!!

Do you eat a lot and want to have a control over your eating habits? then check out this cool Chew meter to tell you how much you have eat or maybe how many times you have moved your jaw. Weirdest invention, even i am confused what am i talking lol.

Chew meter!!-Insane Japanese Inventions

3.Full cover Umbrella

If you still use those traditional umbrellas then go visit japan and buy your self this cool umbrella and forget about wetting yourself with a single drop of water. Go out in the rain and come back home dry. The only con is how would someone breath in it since it's all covered?

Full cover Umbrella-Insane Japanese Inventions

4.Helmet holder for metro nappers

If you have a habit of falling asleep in metro or train while coming back home then this helmet is for you, just stick it to the window and wear the helmet and you are all set for that perfect train nap. I am buying one for sure!!

Helmet holder for metro nappers-Insane Japanese Inventions

5.Baby breastfeeder for men

Are you a father of a baby who is still breastfeeding? or may be your wife is out and your baby is crying for milk, then go ahead and buy these breast feeders for men and feed your baby in his/her natural environment. Con: since the milk is not actually breast milk it's still not advised but it's still useful for babies without a mother.

Baby breastfeeder for men-Insane Japanese Inventions

6.Spaghetti Cooler..

If you can't wait for your Chinese food to cool then this is for you. As it can be seen from the picture, a small battery operated fan is attached to the chopsticks which cools down your Spaghetti or noodles by the time it enters your mouth.

Spaghetti Cooler..-Insane Japanese Inventions

7.Rain water harvesting umbrella

If your locality has a water supply shortage then now you can collect water in Autumn using this umbrella. It not only saves you from getting wet but also collects water and then passes it through the hallow pipe attached to it to the water storage bag. The only con is you have to carry that water storage bag with you next you go on a water harvesting spree.

Rain water harvesting umbrella-Insane Japanese Inventions


Does your butter just spreads on your bread randomly, not evenly? then buy this butterstick which makes applying butter on bread damn easy but wait, is it not how glue-stick looks like?

Butterstick!!-Insane Japanese Inventions

9.Hand operated Nail dryer

Are your Nails taking too much time to dry? Check out these Hand operated Nail dryer for quick drying, Just keep your nails below the tiny tubes and start pumping up and you are done. Cool isn't it?

Hand operated Nail dryer-Insane Japanese Inventions

10.Adding eyedrops in eyes with glasses

Do you have an eyesight? and can't see how to add eye drops in your eyes when they are paining? well, Have no worries now, Japanese got you a perfect solution: the eyedrop glasses with funnels. With this your eye drops go straight into your eyes.

Adding eyedrops in eyes with glasses-Insane Japanese Inventions

11.Faking your footsteps

Well, this one is quite funny and an amazing way to fool your neighbors and friends. Just wear these shoes with 180 degree rotated sole and you will be walking backwards, not exactly backwards but your footprints will be in opposite direction. I know what's your reaction now "Shut up and take my money"

Faking your footsteps-Insane Japanese Inventions

12.Mask for proper lipstick

Mask for proper lipstick? Are you crazy? i know some women sometimes go wrong with their lipsticks but then again what do they all do for hours they spend in front of the mirror? And do Japanese girls really apply lipstick? My mind is boggling with some stupid questions now due to these stupid inventions.

Mask for proper lipstick-Insane Japanese Inventions



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