15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:08 pm
By:James Fraser

Tattoos are cool as long as you wear them the way they are intended to be! Tattoos look good on almost all parts of the body except face. Face is one thing in the body that shouldn't be messed up with tattoos. If someone wants a tattoo on face, there are still ways to get a decent one. Here are fifteen people who have got their face tattoo terribly wrong! Yes, they look insane and stupid!
1.Lord Voldemort?

You never want to walk or sit behind this guy! If you do, his creepy back head tattoo will be looking at you constantly! Seriously, why people wear stupid tattoos like these? It’s their choice, but trust us, they look absolutely terrible! Well, this tattoo reminds us Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie.
Lord Voldemort?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos


2.Eyeball Tattoo

Eyeball tattooing? Can you even imagine yourself getting an eyeball tattoo? Yes, eyeball tattoo is a thing, and there are many people who wear an eyeball tattoo. For whatever reasons, some people like to dump their natural eyeball color, which is white, and tattoo some designs or new colors on it. Isn’t that scary?

Eyeball Tattoo-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

3.What Kind of a Tattoo Was That?

It looks like a tattoo artist has practiced some tattooing skills on this person’s face! Why would anyone have a pointless scribbling as a tattoo on face? When you see him from some distance, this person will look like a hairy beast with all that tattoo looking like hair. That poor ear though!

What Kind of a Tattoo Was That?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

4.Is That a Product Label on His Head?

What does this tattoo actually mean? Is the guy in the picture wants to call everybody who reads the tattoo text a stupid or is he calling himself a stupid? Anyways, this is the most stupid tattoo you will ever see! After watching this picture, you will agree this guy indeed is stupid!

Is That a Product Label on His Head?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

5.Scariest Dating Profile Photo Ever

Imagine if you are a girl, and searching for a right guy in an online dating website, and get to see this guy’s photo! We are only used to see tattoo addicts in a ‘punk’ form. This guy who dressed up himself nicely in a formal dress will make you either laugh or say wtf. Can you see anything other than his white teeth? 

Scariest Dating Profile Photo Ever-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

6.Spider Tattoo, But Why?

People with arachnophobia (fear of spiders) will pray that they don’t see this guy live somewhere on a street or at someplace. This man tattooed a giant size 3D tattoo on his face! This is creepy and we wonder how these can even socialize and make friends?  We know they want to be unique, but this is beyond just being unique! This is ridiculous. 

Spider Tattoo, But Why?-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

7.Gosh, a Dick Tattoo

If there's ever a 'world's weird and most stupid tattoo contest, this guy will win it. Who on earth will tattoo a dick on their face? He went a little more creative and made his ear look like a ball sack! People will still hate this guy even if he donates a million dollars to poor, or does a million good things. This is just terrible!

Gosh, a Dick Tattoo-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos


8.He Looks Like a Serial Killer

He might have looked cute if there's no such stupid tattoo on his face. With those two guns on two sides of his face, this guy you are seeing the picture looks more like a serial killer. We don't what actually will make them to think to have tattoos like this. Who will give this guy a job? If he's already a rich guy, imagine how many times he will be stopped at airports for that extra check to make sure he isn't the wrong guy.

He Looks Like a Serial Killer-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

9.Meet Teddy Boy

Ladies, do you like this Teddy boy? Well, he wants you, us and everyone in the world to love him! Is he trying to be cute? Well, he would have looked cool if he decided stay in human form than playing with it with immature and funny tattoos like these. With that hairstyle, and those pointless tattoo texts, he looks no less than an idiot!

Meet Teddy Boy-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos


10.Barber and His Tattoos

You will see people with bizarre haircuts here and there. Like many, you will also think about those barbers who did those haircuts. Here you go, barbers like him as you are seeing one in this picture will give those cool, funny, creative and stupid haircuts. Look at his haircut and his face tattoo! 

Barber and His Tattoos-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

11.Alien Man Tattoo

Man: Give me a face tattoo that makes me look like an alien king.
Tattoo Artist: Say no more!
This is exactly how things will look like when a stupid person meets an equally stupid creative professional. This man looks like a lizard or something with his blue tattoo.

Alien Man Tattoo-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

12.Tattoo Artist Convinced Her that They are Some Kind of Exotic Flowers

Peníses, peníses everywhere on her head! Gosh, how can she even let something like this to happen on her head? This isn't cool, classy or sexy. This is horrible, and guess if we ever get to see this woman, we will only ask her one question; WHY? 

Tattoo Artist Convinced Her that They are Some Kind of Exotic Flowers-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

13.porn Website Logos as Tattoos

Oh boy, these people have got serious psychological issues! Watch this man who had logos and names of porn websites as tattoos, that too on his face! This is disgusting, and we guess no one will appreciate his tattoo work, or call him cool and unique. This is nothing but taking stupidity to a next level.

porn Website Logos as Tattoos-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

14.Taking Face Tattoo to an All New Level

His face is okay and impress only if it was a makeup! Unfortunately, that was a tattoo and he has to live with that scaring people around him in the nights, particularly kids. He looks really scary with this tattoo. This is nothing but taking face tattooing to an all new level!

Taking Face Tattoo to an All New Level-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos

15.He Can Impress No One

Can you guess what this guy is hoping for? Let us tell you he's not going to get what he is hoping for! That's one completely senseless and mindless tattoo to wear on face. This weirdo has few other tattoos on his face if you can see. There's a "Fuck You" tattoo on his forehead, and this guy even tattooed two teardrops

He Can Impress No One-15 People With Terrible Face Tattoos



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