12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 10:55 am
By:James Fraser

"You have no power" is a famous "Lord of the Rings" quote uttered by King Théoden when Gandalf tried to cast a mind-controlling spell on him. A few years back, the internet picked up the quote and converted that into a meme and reaction image. As you may know, the meme is often used to highlight a dominant individual's inability to show off their prowess depending upon the circumstances. Do you think a shark out of water can scare you? It has no power there! Got it? Now, see these 12 You Have No Power Here memes that are sidesplitting.
1.You Literally Have No Power Here!

It's a kind of anti-joke, and if you are one of those who is a fan of anti-humor, you are going to love this meme for sure! Hey, we, humans, didn't have power for thousands of years! Scientists believe that modern people have a history of at least 40,000 years. If that is the case, people happily lived here on Earth without electricity for 39,900 years roughly! It's hardly a century since people around the world began using power to lit bulbs and other stuff. Needless to say, electricity is now an important part of human life, without which the world would go into absolute darkness and chaos.

You Literally Have No Power Here!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

2.Seeing A Teacher Outside Of School

We agree that a teacher has absolutely no power outside, but it isn't a good idea to ignore them or be rude to them when we meet them outside, during holidays. We still need to be respectful to them because, you know, we need to see them again in school once the holidays are over. Guess who doesn't have power in school?! While it isn't a suggestible thing to be discourteous to teachers, we understand that some of them are horrible, but, then again, you still need to act out goodness unless it is the last day of your school!

Seeing A Teacher Outside Of School-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

3.Beyonce - The She-Hulk!

Yeah, it's true that Beyonce publicist wanted a few pictures of Beyonce to be removed from the internet completely because they sort of looked odd. People never cared about those pictures until the publicist wanted to get them off the web, but when they came to know about Beyonce's staff's ridiculous demand, they then began making memes and all kinds of funny stuff using those already weird photos! This She-Hulk like Beyonce photo is the result of the people's displeasure! Never try to control or summon the internet! Even if you are Batman, you are going to end up like this!

Beyonce - The She-Hulk!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes


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