Unusual Ways To Propose

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


This one does take some planning as it involves you preparing it in advance, or have somebody you trust set it up just before you walk there, but there can be little doubt as to the effectiveness of this type of marriage proposal. Think of a place where you both love to go, choose a perfect day with the weather, and just hope everything goes to plan.

Nature-Unusual Ways To Propose

2.Coffee cup

If you go to a particular coffee shop, then how about having a word in advance with them so they swap the usual cup for one that spells out your proposal at the bottom? The only problem with this is you waiting in anticipation as it gets closer to being revealed, but at least it is different.

Coffee cup-Unusual Ways To Propose


How about using a puzzle in order to ask them to marry you? This particular one is a jigsaw, but you could also use a small crossword where it spells out different words that when put together makes your marriage proposal. Of course this has to be the ideal way to ask somebody that does a lot of them in their spare time as there is no point if they hate a jigsaw puzzle in the first place.

Puzzles-Unusual Ways To Propose

4.Street art

The only problem here is that you may indeed be done for vandalism and it is perhaps not a good idea to get your names up there, but this is certainly a different way to ask someone to marry you. Yes you need to have either somebody that can do this, or to be artistic yourself, but nobody would expect to have this when you are just taking them out for a walk.

Street art-Unusual Ways To Propose

5.Marriage necklace

Why not present them with a small piece of jewelry, but encourage them to open it up to reveal what is inside? This is rather cool and it is also seen as being extremely thoughtful at the same time and of course you only need to use those two words in order to get your point across.

Marriage necklace-Unusual Ways To Propose


How cool is this? You would end up wanting to marry yourself just for being a complete genius in coming up with this particular way to propose. Dolphins are cool and even though you need to wait to give the ring over there is no doubt that this is both unusual as well as brilliant.

Dolphin-Unusual Ways To Propose


Using a rather adorable animal to help you out is going to increase your chances of them saying yes because who could resist this little guy? Of course you need to know that the kitten is not going to run off with your ring and ruin the entire event, but as long as it is well behaved you should be able to make this work.

Kitten-Unusual Ways To Propose


If you go out for meals on a regular basis and in particular go to a certain restaurant, then plan ahead and get a special menu made up where they open it up and it reveals that you are asking them to marry you. This is certainly clever, ignore the German in the photo, and a good restaurant will be quite happy to help.

Menus-Unusual Ways To Propose


What this shows is that if they enjoy something you need to think about how you can incorporate that into the way that you are going to propose. Obviously here they love Dr Who, so it makes sense to have it coming out of the Tardis, so creativity will always be best.

Tardis-Unusual Ways To Propose

10.QR Code

This may not look much, but if they have an app on their smartphone and take a snap of this necklace, then they will see that you are actually asking them to marry you. This is technology at its finest because they will have no idea what is going on until they scan it.

QR Code-Unusual Ways To Propose

11.Log Flume

You know how some rides such as the log flume take a photograph of you as you go past? Well how about using it to your advantage and get that photograph and use it to propose? Yes you need to be on the ride, but you can see how it is different and at least you have put some thought into it all.

Log Flume-Unusual Ways To Propose

12.In a baseball

If the love of your life enjoys the game of baseball, then how about proposing to them in this way? Yes you do need to have a baseball cut in half and the ring placed inside, but you have to admit that it is indeed different and hopefully it helps her to say yes.

In a baseball-Unusual Ways To Propose



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