Top Turn Ons For Men

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:24 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Great Legs

Women let us know from the get go what they got gong on. The way they strut those legs around can get a man going before a word or a touch is made. Ladies learn early on the power of the of the leg expose. Because of that, the boys are usually left with their tongues dragging before they know what hit em.

Great Legs-Top Turn Ons For Men


A woman with sophistication and class can elevate a man to unknown levels in himself. It's a nice change of pace sometimes to lift a sexy evening gown, rather than struggling with the buttons on their favorite "holy jeans." But surely men can find it in themselves to be fine with either.

Sophistication-Top Turn Ons For Men

3.Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is very important to men, or at least the ability to believably laugh at whatever attempt at humor is made on his part. But if she can tell a joke, all the better. Women already have so much natural power within them, if you add a good sense of humor in the mix they almost become superhuman.

Sense of Humor-Top Turn Ons For Men


It is nice sometimes to be able to let the bodily fluids dry long enough to be able to have some good conversation. The brain is the number one erogenous zone, not just for women, but men as well. A woman that can stimulate a mans mind is one that can hang for a while. Just as long as she doesn't make him feel too dumb!

Brainy-Top Turn Ons For Men

5.Loves sex

There is nothing better than a woman who is in touch with her body and likes to work it. Knowing how to please her man should numero for any woman, but its more fun for everyone when she has a real desire and thirst for it. You know the saying, men love a lady in the street and a freak in the bed!

Loves sex-Top Turn Ons For Men

6.Baby's Got Back

The power of the booty is a long historic celebration, seen through out the ages. From ancient cave art, to Hollywood starlets on the cat walk, the booty has been stealing hearts. Maybe that's the reason why the heart shape symbol we associate with love, is actually a fine, shaped female booty.

Baby's Got Back-Top Turn Ons For Men

7.Driving A Motorcycle

There is something so sexy about a woman who knows her way around a hog, in more ways than one. A woman, with her hair blowing in the wind, wearing some tight leather and denim, actually being able to handle some serious metal mechanics, can be a captivating image. Bad girls need love too.

Driving A Motorcycle-Top Turn Ons For Men

8.Talks Dirty

There is something so wonderful for men when a woman talks dirty in the sack. It does something wild for them, especially if its not an all the time thing. If it happens all the time then it just escalates quicker and quicker and before you know it you are getting in argument while you're getting it on. And no one wants that.

Talks Dirty-Top Turn Ons For Men

9.High Heels

Who ever invented the Ladies high heel pump needs his own national holiday. Who couldn't like the way some heels prop up that ass and stretch out those legs. So what that they can't actually walk in them. It's better not to venture too far from the bedroom when the heels come out of the closet.

High Heels-Top Turn Ons For Men

10.Long Hair

Long hair on a woman is a sign of vitality. What it does to men works on such a subtle level that most don't even realize the magic of a sexy head of hair is turning them on their heads. There's a reason women spend so much money on their hair and its slightly more than just trying to impress other women.

Long Hair-Top Turn Ons For Men

11.Full Lips

A kiss of life. A kiss of death. Women seduce men with both. A set of Full lips seem to take the message sealed in a kiss to the next level. Science tells us it's because a woman's lips become more swollen and red when they are sexually aroused. That's why we all like em thick with red lipstick!

Full Lips-Top Turn Ons For Men


What is it about breasts that are so darn mesmerizing? We see them on more than half the population no matter where we look, yet that cleavage leaves men practically drooling. It keeps them searching for that missing piece in their brain that seems to have shut down for some sudden reason.

Breasts-Top Turn Ons For Men



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