15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:21 am
By:James Fraser

Breakups are horrible. People need a lot of time to get over them and lead an ordinary life. You may find it hard to digest the fact that your partner cheated on you with some other person. You may find it heartbreaking to let go the person from your life. You are not in a position to handle the reactions, advice or criticism you get from your friends or family members. 
We see crazy girlfriends. We see crazy boyfriends. We actually tend to believe in the words of the person who is our friend, or close to us. How crazy are crazy girlfriends? Read fifteen stories of women who revealed the little-known side of their breakup story. 
13.Dealing With Drug Addicts Is Difficult

I was the "crazy girlfriend." Granted I was young (18-19) and it was my first serious relationship. I didn't trust my ex one bit. Didn't like his friends, was always suspicious of what he was doing. I even made him give me all his passwords. His phone was connected to Google Voice so I could also read his texts.
Turns out, I was right to be suspicious. He was hiding a serious heroin addiction. I'm in a much better place now. I'm in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship with the most amazing guy who I could ever imagine. Craziness has subsided and I'd like to think I'm more mature now.

Dealing With Drug Addicts Is Difficult-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

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14.This Liar

I met a guy at a class we took, we hit it off and started going out. I found out he was cheating on me with two girls, one of which was pregnant with his baby. I tried breaking up with him which made him to lose control of the car and crashed but he told everybody I took ahold of the wheel and crashed us into the side of the road.

This Liar-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

15.Another Sad Family Story

My ex-husband woke up one day and left me and our three kids and drove off from TX to PA. He emptied the bank account and took the "good" car with him. After I rebuilt my life, he moved back to TX and tried to reconcile. He was out of work but had gotten a mid-sized workers comp settlement and used that money to rent and furnish a big house. He never got a job and was about to lose the house when I offered to take over his lease. He figured he would just live there too and we would get together again. I said no. So now he tells everyone that I led him on and coerced him into signing this lease with promises of reconciliation and then kicked him out.

Another Sad Family Story-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

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