15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:21 am
By:James Fraser

Breakups are horrible. People need a lot of time to get over them and lead an ordinary life. You may find it hard to digest the fact that your partner cheated on you with some other person. You may find it heartbreaking to let go the person from your life. You are not in a position to handle the reactions, advice or criticism you get from your friends or family members. 
We see crazy girlfriends. We see crazy boyfriends. We actually tend to believe in the words of the person who is our friend, or close to us. How crazy are crazy girlfriends? Read fifteen stories of women who revealed the little-known side of their breakup story. 
10.This is What Lack of Confidence Does to People

I went through a physical, emotional and financially abusive relationship. After I ended it with my ex, I wouldn't talk about what happened and what he had done to me. I should have, I've recently been diagnosed with PTSD, and also repressing the memories. My point is, I am horrible in arguments and when someone is frustrated. I get very on edge and become defensive due to my ex. I should've seen a counselor soon after I ended it with my sociopathic abusive ex. I've also become very forgetful and have issues with confidence and my own intelligence due to it. Good thing I'm getting help for it now. I have a lot of support as well.

This is What Lack of Confidence Does to People-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

11.Lies are a Big No-No in a Relationship

I'm not proud, but when I was younger I would nose through my then-boyfriends facebook. I was very jealous and suspicious of other girls who chatted with him frequently. He was a pathological liar. It was constant and over trivial things such as whether or not the floor was swept, or whether our pet was fed. His Mother justified his lying with, "Oh it's his aspergers. He just likes to tell stories."
His lying became worse, I was much less trusting, and I definitely looked like a controlling bitch. I was really hoping for peace of mind or honesty from him. I ended the relationship when I realized I was not patient enough to wait for this individual to (if ever) cease the habitual lying. I also didn't like what I was turning out to be. Solid relationships don't have that level of distrust.

Lies are a Big No-No in a Relationship-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

12.This Cheating Story

Crazy ex wife here. He continually lied to me after I caught him cheating after 6 years of marriage. I had proof and he kept promising me we'd work on the marriage and he'd quit talking to her. I....just lost my shit. Made his life hell for the next year after that. So glad I never had children with him. At whatever point I finally let it go, I could just walk away with 0 communication.

This Cheating Story-15 Crazy Girlfriends Tell Their Part Of The Story

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