Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:38 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Wheel & Star

These matching ring tattoos are all about navigating your way through the problems that being married will throw up at you, so there is more thought in these tattoos than you would have been aware of. Yes they are very well done, but you have to admit that they are also very clever indeed and would you not be proud to have something like this yourself?

Wheel & Star-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


This wedding ring tattoo has a kind of Aztec feel to it, but the cool part is how it also goes onto the next finger as well and this is what really makes it different to so many other designs out there. The actual design itself is pretty straightforward, but it works well and as long as your partner has the matching set it will look perfect.

Aztec-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


This tribal tattoo is seriously cool and you can see why some couples would then want to have it as their wedding ring tattoo as well. Ok it does cover a lot of the finger, but that does not matter because it is what it represents that is the important part.

Tribal-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


The entire idea behind this tattoo is to create identical symbols that show their love for one another and that there is always going to be that particular bond and link. What this shows is that you do not have to go for something crazy as simple will also work very well indeed and as long as you both know the significance, then that is the important part.

Symbolizm-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos

5.Til death

This is clever as it takes two important words in the vows and turns it into a tattoo and you will immediately see how that does make a lot of sense. The writing itself is also very well done, so you would want to get a good tattoo artist to do it, but do remember you are not limited to these two words, so think about the vows more carefully.

Til death-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


The best thing about this tattoo is that they have not just gone for the initial and left it at that. Instead, they have incorporated it into a band, so it just looks a lot better and classier than the alternative idea. The style of lettering is also quite cool, so overall this is a fantastic wedding ring tattoo that could work well for you.

Initials-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos

7.Heart ring

This tattoo does of course contain a heart in it and it makes sense as to why this is the case. However, it is also done to look more like a ring and it is a good combination for this type of tattoo. It is not too over the top, but at the same time it does symbolize their love for one another and that is of course the main thing in all of this.

Heart ring-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


Having the date of your wedding tattooed makes a lot of sense. Some would say it also helps the guy never to forget his wedding anniversary and perhaps it was his idea in the first place. However, it must just be nice to look down and see it looking back at you and the memories it will bring back makes it all worth your while.

Dates-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


It is probably not a surprise to see a Celtic band appearing on a list of wedding ring tattoos, but you have to admit that it is just perfect. Sure there is a lot of symbolism in there, but overall it just looks nice and you instantly know what it all means and why the person has had it done.

Celtic-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos

10.Heart & Key

This tattoo is cool because it takes a common phrase and turns it into something that is actually a bit special. Of course this is all about having the key to the other ones heart, so you see how it is perfect for a wedding ring tattoo and of course it just fits there perfectly as well.

Heart & Key-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


OK so this may not be the kind of image you would expect with a wedding ring tattoo, but you have to admit that it is very well done and with them both matching it does make a lot of sense to have it done. It probably tells you something about the people behind them and they would both be happy so that is all that matters.

Skulls-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos


Sometimes with a tattoo, simplicity in what it looks like or says actually does work out a lot better and this tattoo is the perfect example of that. By simply having the word "always" tattooed it just shows the love for one another and that they will be together forever, so in that respect it is just perfect.

Always-Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos



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