12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:01 am
By:James Fraser

Trying the backdoor isn't as bad as one may think! Hey, we aren't advocating anal sex here, but trying to shed some light on it. Most men have a deep desire to infiltrate their partners' rear whereas most women try their best to save their "brownie dispensers" from intrusions! For gay men, the butthole is a lifeline, and for girls who are trying to protect their virginity for some reasons, the poophole is a loophole! Hey, read these 12 "asstonishing" reasons to know why knocking the back door isn't a bad idea! Everything you need to know about anal sex is right here. 
1. It Doesn't Hurt As Much As One May Think

Anal sex doesn't always cause big pain in the ass. It only hurts when an ignorant and inexperienced asshole tries to force himself into the cornhole with brute force. The trick is to keep the bum hole calm and relaxed like how it usually stays during a diarrhea apocalypse! Applying loads of lube is mandatory, without which a woman feels like she is taking a Thor hammer inside and a man may feel like he's penetrating a car's muffler! If you are a guy and want to become a good ass f*cker, you need to trick the butthole into thinking your penis is nothing but a piece of turd going the other way!

 It Doesn't Hurt As Much As One May Think-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

2.It's A Natural Birth Control Method

No condom or birth pill says it's 100% effective when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. Anal sex works wonders in this regard. There's absolutely no chance your girlfriend will become pregnant if you do it in the backdoor! Everything that goes into the butt has to come out eventually, even if it is "baby batter." Sperms are amazing swimmers, but we don't think the little fellas are going to have a great time spending time in the tunnel of stink. They are not going to meet any eggs there, and it's just a matter of time before a poop avalanche sends them out in the worst way possible! End of the story, and no kids for you mate!

It's A Natural Birth Control Method-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

3.Surprise Butt Orgasms For Girls

We are aware that millions of men around the world are working their asses off, excavating their girlfriend's vaginas to find their G-spot. Sadly, one can find the G-spot only how Columbus discovered America - accidentally! Anal sex is the best way to hit the magical G-spot. Women who have anal sex say they get more intense and multiple orgasms with it than vaginal intercourse. Moreover, the anal opening has so many touch-sensitive nerve endings that it only comes second to the clitoris in terms of sensitivity. The butthole is one of the erogenous parts of a girl's body, and a gentle rub on it can make her go mad.

Surprise Butt Orgasms For Girls-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

4.It's Tighter Than Vagina

Anal canal is lot tighter than Vagina. Of course, it has to be that tight to hold that shit together - literally! Now, this extra stiffness is what turns men on. Since the butthole is very tight, it clutches the penis very firmly, offering more friction, which further causes more sensation. A girl loses her vaginal tightness as she grows older, making her man barely feel any sensation. Though it isn't as resilient as the vagina, anus offers more control for men to stay on top of the game. Many men describe the backdoor as the best place their tool can ever be!

It's Tighter Than Vagina-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

5.Guys Have Some Surprises Too

Do you know men have a G-spot too? Nature or evolution (whatever you name it) has hidden the male G-spot in their ass! Anatomically speaking, it isn't precisely located inside a man's bum, but it is only accessible through it. The male G-spot is an exocrine gland named prostate, which produces a slightly alkaline white fluid that surrounds sperm cells to provide them longer life and better mobility. Anal sex or prostrate massaging helps men get extended and intense orgasms. Wait, you don't have to be a gay to experience the prostate pleasure! You can buy your girlfriend a strap-on dildo!  Scared, eh? Well, that's exactly how your partner feels when you ask her for butt sex!

Guys Have Some Surprises Too-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

6.A Good Way To Have Fun Without Losing Virginity

Some girls genuinely prefer saving their virginity while many others just put a fictional stop sign on their cooter because they find no takers! Forget the junk and let's talk only about those girls who legitimately seal their tunnel to heaven for spiritual or other reasons. This binder often forces them to stay away from having sexual fun. If they want their meat wallet unopened but want to experience what it feels like to take a man inside, doing it in the backdoor is the way to go! Hey, it is a very common practice in many moderate countries in the world.

A Good Way To Have Fun Without Losing Virginity-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

7.Backdoor Is The Answer To Period Horniness

Female hormones are crazy! Of all the problems periods bring, uncontrollable urge to have sex is a tough one to handle. Men, in general, shouldn't be afraid to see some cruor on the sword, but most of them are scared to soak their tool in a pool of blood. Unsurprisingly, many guys stay away from having fun during menstruation. It's a bloody mess, and everything including the stench and the toxic fumes oozing out of the vag is a major turn off for an average guy. Okay, girls, no offense, we are just telling facts! During that time of the month, couples can try the backdoor, which many people think is a less gory approach to sex.

Backdoor Is The Answer To Period Horniness-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot


8.Girls, Demand Something In Return!

As we said earlier, many men prefer butthole to the vagina for penetrative sex. There's no big secret behind their fascination. Anal canal is much tighter than a vagina and exerts tremendous pressure on a penis. This is the reason why men dig poophole with their meat shovel despite knowing they aren't going to find gold in there! Moreover, on a worst day, their ferocious womb raider may even take a dip in hot chocolate. Yuck! Girls, since men are so mad about the backdoor; don't give yours away freely. Demand something for it in return! You are surely going to get what you have asked for!

Girls, Demand Something In Return! -12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

9.Spices Up Sex Life

Over a period, couples find sex boring because of doing the same thing repeatedly. Monotonous sex life is one of the main reasons why couples split or cheat on each other. Instead of finding another d*ck or p*ssy to satiate their coital desires, couples need to explore other kinky ways to have sex. They must discover the dirty and dark side of sex that not only pleasures them to the core but also builds a high level of trust between them. Going in the backdoor is step one to spice up sex life. Hey girl, be a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets to see your man taking you to a whole new world!

Spices Up Sex Life-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot


10.People Have Been Doing It For Ages

Anal sex is not a new thing. Men have preferred "stinky" to "pinky" for a very long time. Ancient Greeks and Romans said to have had anal sex as a part of their culture. Many relics of ancient Greek and Roman era depict couples engage in butt sex. This is the reason why anal intercourse is often referred to as "going the Greek way." Geographers and historians believe that humans explored the backdoor from the very beginning of their existence. Hey, animals including dogs and cats do it as well. Butt sex may be a taboo, but it isn't completely unnatural.

People Have Been Doing It For Ages-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot

11.It's Safe When One Does It In The Right Way

Many people call anal sex unsafe right away. It is indeed risky, but there are ways to make it safer and more pleasurable. The first step to success is not shoving d*ck up her ass before gaining some critical knowledge about butt sex including techniques and safety measures. People have been doing it for years without major problems; if you want to explore the backdoor as well, read some bonus tips in the next post. You don't want to break your penis or tear the stinkhole by doing things wrongly, do you?

It's Safe When One Does It In The Right Way-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot


12.Three Golden Rules For Safe Anal Sex

First of all, don't forget to use a condom if you are planning to have sex the Greek way. The rectum hosts millions of disease-causing microbes that can potentially kill a person. Using condom is the only way to reduce the risk of catching an infection. Secondly, apply a lot of water-based lubricant on butthole before penetrating. Unlike the vagina, the anal canal doesn't lubricate on its own. Rough sex leads to tears and anal fissures, which causes bleeding and extreme pain. Lastly, never penetrate the vagina immediately after anal intercourse. Wash your penis and use a new condom to prevent harmful bacteria entering into the vagina.

Three Golden Rules For Safe Anal Sex-12 Reasons Why Doing It In The Backdoor Is Worth A Shot



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