Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 6:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Tuesday's Child

They say Tuesday's child is full of grace, so that must mean that most children are graceful. Did you know that Tuesday is the most popular day for childbirth. There is no real reason why, but statistically that day seems to be when mothers go into labor. Maybe all that weekend debauchery causes a quick exit.

Tuesday's Child-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew


Do you find yourself with constant cravings during pregnancy? Well, it could be that your body is lacking certain minerals that make your body crave them in order to replenish. Additionally, your body searches for foods to increase serotonin in the brain, making for a much happier and comfortable pregnancy.

Cravings-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

3.Baby Due Date

Everyone gets excited about their due date when they first become pregnant. You plan the nursery and figure out their sun sign, all based on when your little one will make its appearance in the world. However, less than ten percent of all babies are actually born on their due date.

Baby Due Date-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew


4.Lefty or Righty?

You may think that a baby determines if he will use his right or left hand, predominantly, after giving him a toy or crayon, but this predisposition develops in the womb. Hand preference develops as early as ten weeks in the uterus. As Lady Gaga says, "Baby, I was born this way!"

Lefty or Righty?-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

5.Eat More Fish

Fish is brain food, even for a fetus. Moms who ate fish during pregnancy delivered babies who had higher verbal skills than those who ate less, or no, fish. Statistics don't lie. If it worked for seven thousand mothers, it is something to consider for the health of your child.

Eat More Fish-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

6.Uterus Grows to 5 Times It's Size

Your uterus grows to five hundred times its size during pregnancy, all in an effort to accommodate your baby and make its passage easier. The growing fetus needs room to make its journey from your uterus to the birth canal, and then out of your body. It's a miracle how the body works to make this process happen.

Uterus Grows to 5 Times It's Size-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

7.Baby's Foot

Did you know that in late pregnancy a woman may be able to clearly see her baby's foot or hand, or even their little butt, pressed against her belly. A great sight to capture on film, when the little foot is visible. It makes the kicking that much more bearable.

Baby's Foot-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

8.Bigger FeetDuring

It didn't just happen to Kim Kardashian, it's more the norm than the exception. When you're pregnant your feet stretch out on the sides due to the relaxing of ligaments in the body, which helps with delivery. As your feet become wider, you lose the arch, making it difficult to fit in your shoes. A great reason for some fun shoe shopping!

Bigger FeetDuring-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

9.Eating For Two

The myth of eating for two when you're pregnant is just going to make you fatter, and do nothing for your baby. In reality, you only need three hundred more calories per day to give your baby what it needs. That's not another dish of spaghetti or a tub of ice cream Ladies!

Eating For Two-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

10.Sense of Smell Increases

When you're pregnant your sense of smell, and of taste, increases. That could contribute to morning sickness, but actually has a purpose. It was to help mothers instinctively avoid toxins that might be harmful to her baby. Today, we have other methods to avoid such things, but the nose always knows.

Sense of Smell Increases-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

11.Poop During Delivery

As if childbirth wasn't as dignified as you would like, pooping during childbirth is very common. It makes sense, since use you use the same muscles to move yoru bowels as you do to move the baby through your pelvis. On it's way out, the baby presses on the sphincter, pushing out anything in the anal canal.

Poop During Delivery-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew

12.Erection in the Womb

Say what? It looks like boys will be boys, even in the womb. It is a reported fact that male babies get erect while in the womb. In fact, both sexes masturbate while inside their mother's bellies, but while female baby's arousal goes undetected, the male's member is out there for all to see.

Erection in the Womb-Weird Pregnancy Facts You Never Knew



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