Unbelievable Facebook Stories

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 12:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

Facebook is the second largest website in the world with users from almost all parts of the world. Everyday millions of people like, comment and share interesting stories, pictures etc on their profile and Facebook pages. Facebook has created an open free world for everyone but as with anything good; evil and bad things follow along. Here are 13 unbelievable Facebook stories that will definitely make you think twice before you login to your facebook account again.
1.Woman on Facebook Loses Benefits

Nathalie Blanchard had a face book page just like everyone else. She didn't realize though that she was being watched. Natalie was claiming disability income for severe depression and the insurance company paying her was looking at her face book. They saw a smiling Blanchard and decided to stop payments. Of course depressed people do smile but this is kind of a warning to be careful about what you do post on your face book. More people than you know are looking.

Woman on Facebook Loses Benefits-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

2.Mother Reunited

A mother went through over a decade of pain when her former husband decided to kidnap his children. The kids then aged 2 and 3 years old vanished one night. One day the mother saw her daughters profile, now 18. After many swapped messages they met up again and were reunited. Facebook often brings people together, which is often a good thing.

Mother Reunited-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

3.Be Careful

Amazingly a woman who saw her fiance cuddled up with another woman on someone's facebook page, cancelled the wedding. He could not get out of the obvious evidence that he was not being faithful.

Be Careful-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

4.Facebook Addiction

This dud was busy burgling a house and decided to check his facebook mail while he was there. The only problem was, he forgot to log out! At least he made it easy for them to find him.

Facebook Addiction-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

5.Baby Bong

The woman that uploaded this photograph of her baby with a bong was arrested. She probably didn't realize that outcome of such a photograph.

Baby Bong-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

6.Dumb and Dumber!

This guy stole a phone from a car and proceeded to snap a 'selfie'. He didn't realize that the phone was programmed to upload the photograph to the victims facebook profile.

Dumb and Dumber!-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

7.No Smoke Without a Fire

Tigo Arrington wrote this post on his facebook and police took notice. The problem was he was not planning anything at all, but upon further investigations the police did find child pornographic material on his computer and arrested him.

No Smoke Without a Fire-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

8.Take That You B*ch!

Be careful the next time you delete someone on facebook. Nikki Rasmussen burned down the house of the person who de-friended her on facebook.

Take That You B*ch!-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

9.Facebook Yoville Fan

Betty Sue Higgins loved facebook so much she even played Yoville. During the course of her Yoville visits she spent $166,000 on credits and Yoville coins. This money was not hers though, it was stolen from company funds.

Facebook Yoville Fan-Unbelievable Facebook Stories


Using cell phones in the most inappropriate places has reached new levels. This couple continually texts and updated their facebook with information as the wedding went along.

Ridiculous-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

11.Facebook Could Cause Divorce

Lawyers dealing with divorce in the USA have cited that 1 in 5 marriages end in divorce because of facebook. That would not include how many marriage end because of the internet in general.

Facebook Could Cause Divorce-Unbelievable Facebook Stories


Jason Valdez held a woman hostage in a hotel room for 16 hours. Whilst he was doing so he entered into a long dialogue with his friends on facebook via his wall. He then took a mobile phone shot of himself and the hostage calling her 'cute'.

Hostage-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

13.Family Photograph Stolen

This families photograph was stolen off their facebook page and used by a Czech company for their advertising campaign. Just think not only of the cheek of it, but also the money they could have made?

Family Photograph Stolen-Unbelievable Facebook Stories



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