Unbelievable Facebook Stories

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 12:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

Facebook is the second largest website in the world with users from almost all parts of the world. Everyday millions of people like, comment and share interesting stories, pictures etc on their profile and Facebook pages. Facebook has created an open free world for everyone but as with anything good; evil and bad things follow along. Here are 13 unbelievable Facebook stories that will definitely make you think twice before you login to your facebook account again.
4.Facebook Addiction

This dud was busy burgling a house and decided to check his facebook mail while he was there. The only problem was, he forgot to log out! At least he made it easy for them to find him.

Facebook Addiction-Unbelievable Facebook Stories
5.Baby Bong

The woman that uploaded this photograph of her baby with a bong was arrested. She probably didn't realize that outcome of such a photograph.

Baby Bong-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

6.Dumb and Dumber!

This guy stole a phone from a car and proceeded to snap a 'selfie'. He didn't realize that the phone was programmed to upload the photograph to the victims facebook profile.

Dumb and Dumber!-Unbelievable Facebook Stories