Top Serial Killers

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Aileen Wuornos (Born: 1956)

Aileen Wuornos murdered 7 men over a short period of time. It was initially thought that she murdered them for financial gain, but she insisted she murdered them because they were trying to rape her. A product of a very difficult childhood Aileen battled to survive as an adult and turned to drugs and alcohol in a bid to cope. She carried out her murders executioner style with death by shooting. She was executed in America for her crimes in 2002.

Aileen Wuornos (Born: 1956)-Top Serial Killers

2.Myra Hindley (1942 - 2002)

Myra Hindley pictured here with her then lover Ian Brady was responsible for the murder and torture of 5 under-age children. Myra and Ian formed an evil team and both enjoyed the sadistic killings for sexual pleasure. She later tried to blame Brady for her deeds but her careless attitude was prevalent throughout the trial. She was seen eating sweets and joking during one court break.

Myra Hindley (1942 - 2002)-Top Serial Killers

3.Martha Needle (Born: 1863)

Australian killer, Martha Needle displayed signs of a disturbed personality long before her crimes. Later on in life she proceeded to poison her husband and three children. The main purpose was to claim insurance money on their deaths. Later on she met another man and started to poison his family she was eventually caught and the bodies of her deceased family exhumed as part of the evidence. All the bodies tested positive for arsenic poison. She was sentenced to death.

Martha Needle (Born: 1863)-Top Serial Killers

4.Beverly Allitt (Born:1968)

Beverly Allitt started work as a pediatric nurse in England in 1991 by 1993 she had killed four children and had attacked countless others. She suffered from a rare psychiatric disorder called Munchhausen by proxy. She received 13 consecutive life sentences for the murder of the children.

Beverly Allitt (Born:1968)-Top Serial Killers

5.John Haigh (Born: 1909)

John Haigh was known later as the acid bath killer. He would submerge his victims in acid in order to get rid of the evidence of a murder. He had the mistaken belief that if there was no body there was no crime. His primary motive for murder was to sell the victims personal belongings and try to commit fraud regard their possessions. Putting them into an acid bath rendered them sludge which he would pour into a manhole. Finding human gallstones led to his arrest. He was executed in England in 1949 for the murder of six people.

John Haigh (Born: 1909)-Top Serial Killers

6.Dennis Rader (Born: 1945)

Rader an American serial killer murdered 10 people in the Wichita area over a 13 year period. Known as the BKT killer, which stands for bind torture and kill he liked to strangle his victim till near death resuscitate them then strangle them again. He found this very sexually arousing. He also liked to hang and torture his victims and see their terror. Latest reports say he is still in prison serving his sentence.

Dennis Rader (Born: 1945)-Top Serial Killers

7.Joachim Kroll (1933 - 1991)

Joachim Kroll a German serial killer was arrested in 1976 after he told a police officer that his pipes were blocked due to 'guts'. When police arrived the remains of one of his victims were found in the fridge and also cooking on the stove. The pipes in his home was indeed blocked with backed up guts. He claimed that he ate his 12 victims in order to save on grocery bills and was surprised when he was sentenced to 9 consecutive life sentences. He died in prison of a heart attack in 1991

Joachim Kroll (1933 - 1991)-Top Serial Killers

8.Andrei Chikatilo (1936 - 1994)

A Ukrainian serial killer this monster focused on women and children and over a period of 12 years murdered 58 victims. He bought a small house in a forest that his family did not know about and his first botched attempt of raping a child ended in him stabbing her. He found that the only time he could ejaculate was when he was stabbing and slashing at his victims. He was later executed for his crimes by a shot to the head by prison officials.

Andrei Chikatilo (1936 - 1994)-Top Serial Killers

9.Albert Fish (Born: 1870)

Albert Fish also known as the Vampire of Brooklyn molested up to 100 children and killed at least five of them. He tortured them in the most sadistic ways, cut them up and ate their body parts after draining their blood directly from their bodies to his mouth. He gave one horrified mother a detailed account of his actions regard her dead son. Stating that he roasted him in the oven with bacon and onions.

Albert Fish (Born: 1870)-Top Serial Killers

10.Jeffrey Dahmer (Born 1960 - 1994)

Jeffrey Dahmer a likeable good looking guy murdered 17 people over a relatively short period of time. They were all males. He would keep them in a zombie like state by drilling into their heads then commit his heinous crimes which included necrophilia and dismemberment. He also ate his victims body parts as he said he 'missed them' and it was a way of keeping them with him. He was beaten to death in prison in 1994 by a fellow inmate.

Jeffrey Dahmer (Born 1960 - 1994)-Top Serial Killers

11.Richard Trenton Chase (1950-1980)

Trenton killed six people over a period of one month. He would carried on only he was caught. His bizarre crimes included drinking all of the blood of his victims and eating their body parts. He was clearly delusional as he thought it was a Nazi plot. He died in prison after taking an overdose. One of his victims included a small baby.

Richard Trenton Chase (1950-1980)-Top Serial Killers

12.Gilles De Rais

This French nobleman who also served in army lead by St Joan of Arc by all accounts seemed like a true gentleman. Instead he murdered and mutilated over 600 young children. His basic need was to see them in torture before they died. He could be one of the most prolific serial killers ever.

Gilles De Rais-Top Serial Killers



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