Silliest Lawsuits Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:16 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Ugly wife

A man named Jian Feng was angered when he and his wife produced a child that he deemed ugly. initially he accused his wife of infidelity, but she countered by showing pictures of herself prior to plastic surgery. But rather than settling the matter, it only urged Feng to divorce the lady and sue her for deception. Amazingly, he won 120,000 dollars in the suit.

Ugly wife-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

2.Knife sandwich

In recent years, the fast food restaurant Subway has come under fire for the size of their sandwiches. But a few years a New Yorker had a concern that was, shall we say, more related to the content of the sandwich he received. He found a seven inch knife baked into the bed. Strangely, he never took a bite of the knife, but sued because the plastic of the knife poisoned the food.

Knife sandwich-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

3.No woman in the beer

For years in the 90s, Budweiser beer ran commercials that featured beautiful women emerging from beers. Say what you will about how clever this is, but most people recognize this as comedic exaggeration. In other words, most people didn't expect to see lovely women come out of their Budweiser beer. A man in Michigan, however, did, and he sued the company for false advertising.

No woman in the beer-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

4.Fighting like cat and dog

Altercations between pets -- especially cats and dogs -- happen all the time. But they don't usually wind up being taken into a court of law. But for a man in San Marcos, California, it did. In the year 2000, he sued for 1.5 million dollars because watching his dog get manhandled by a cat caused him "emotional trauma." Common sense prevailed and the case was thrown out.

Fighting like cat and dog-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

5.Wake up!

In 2008 a teacher named Melissa Nadeau woke up a student named Vinicios Robacher by slamming her hand down on the student's desk. There is nothing remarkable about the story so far -- at least for those of us who took the occasional nap through math class. But Robacher sued his teacher for the damages he suffered to his left eardrum.

Wake up!-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

6.Suing God

In 2007 a Nebraska Senator named Ernie Chambers attempted to sue The Almighty -- yes, that Almighty -- in a bizarre lawsuit that alleged that the Defendant had created "harmful activities" such as earthquakes, floods, plagues and other such disasters. Thankfully, Senator Chambers wasn't seeking damages, but rather asked for an injunction ordering God to cease such unpleasant activities

Suing God-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

7.Hot coffee

In what has since become a notorious case, Stella Liebeck, an elderly woman in Albuquerque, New Mexico purchased a cup of coffee that was too hot. There is, of course, more. She mishandled the cup, spilling coffee on her lap and she ater received millions of dollars in punitive damages. The message seems to be: don't worry about handling your coffee properly. Just make sure you've got a good lawyer.

Hot coffee-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

8.Suing Google Maps

A woman named Lauren Rosenberg was struck by a car in Park City, Utah. Who was to blame? Well, according to a lawsuit she filed in 2010, the culprit for the unfortunate accident was Google Maps. Rosenberg alleged that the company's bad directions lead her to a an environment that was "unreasonable and unsafe."

Suing Google Maps-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

9.Disgust factor

The NBC show Fear Factor is not everyone's cup of tea (or worms). And while many have been grossed out by the show's antics over the years, most reasonable people would never go so far as to file a suit against it. By that logic, a man named Austin Aitken is not an especially reasonable person. He sued NBC for 2.5 million dollars for causing him "injury and great pain."

Disgust factor-Silliest Lawsuits Ever


In 1995 a man named Robert Lee Brock was serving time in a Virginia prison when, in an apparent effort to be placed into a mental facility, he decided to to sue himself for violating his religious beliefs by drinking and for violating his civil liberties (apparently by being crazy).

Self-suing-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

11.Thong damage

In 2008 a traffic cop named Macrida Patterson was trying on a thong from Victoria's Secret when a metal clip flew off the garment and hit her in the eye. Rather than taking my old gym coach's advice and simply walk it off, Patterson decided to sue Victoria's Secret for unspecified damages.

Thong damage-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

12.Finger licking good?

A Las Vegas resident named Anna Ayala briefly made headlines when she claimed to have found a human finger in her chili at Wendy's. But suspicions were soon raised when Ayala was discovered to have had a long history of filing bogus lawsuits against fast food restaurants. She dropped the suit and Wendy's customers could relax and enjoy the chili without fear of finding an "extra" ingredient.

Finger licking good?-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

13.Look like Mike

Most people would love to look like Michael Jordan. It might be fun to occasionally be mistaken for a highly successful sports superstar. But in 2006 an Oregon man named Allen Heckard didn't seem to be having much fun with his resemblance to the former NBA great. In fact he attempted to sue Jordan for 832 million dollars for "emotional pain and suffering." Good thing he didn't look like Dennis Rodman. That would be really painful.

Look like Mike-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

14.Free beer

Drinking on the job is not good, right? We all agree on this. So suing your employer for not being able to drink free beer on the job would be pretty silly. But this didn't stop workers in Van Nuys, California from filing such a lawsuit against their bosses Anheuser-Busch for failing to include free alcohol as so-called "incentive payments."

Free beer-Silliest Lawsuits Ever

15.Sued for texting

A New Jersey couple involved in a horrible accident sued the seventeen-year-old driver they collided with. Was he drunk? Driving recklessly? Driving with blindfolds on? No, he was simply texting at the time of the accident. And while most motorists agree this is not a good idea, it is sadly, something almost every driving teenager does. There's a decent chance that you are driving down the street as you're reading this. Be careful -- you may get sued!

Sued for texting-Silliest Lawsuits Ever



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