Renewable Energy Sources

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 9:56 am
By:Tony Williams


This is where plants are fermented in order to release their sugars and then the sugar is used to create energy. This is a process that does rely on the plants continuing to grow, but it is certainly an area where there has been a lot of investment in recent years, so expect big things from this particular industry.

Biofuel-Renewable Energy Sources


As long as we are able to grow new crops, then there is no reason why certain crops cannot then be used as a fuel. The problem with the likes of coal is that it takes so long to develop, but we have already seen advances in the likes of wheat being used on a small scale, so this is certainly an area that is worth looking out for.

Food-Renewable Energy Sources


Even though it is clearly dangerous there is no doubt that nuclear energy is actually very good and can produce a lot of power with very little effort. This is something that we will probably turn to a bit more in the future and as long as they know what they are doing, then there is no need to fear it.

Nuclear-Renewable Energy Sources

4.Compressed natural gas

This does produce some greenhouse gases, but the earth is always producing gas whereas we are going to run out of coal at some point. This is an energy source that is cheap and it has already been used in a number of cars to power them and it is certainly something that you will start to see more of in the future.

Compressed natural gas-Renewable Energy Sources


This uses biological material in order to produce energy and it is certainly a clever way of doing this. Basically, it can use plants, certain waste products and anything else that would be rotting away, but instead of allowing it to do this we can turn it into electricity and you have to admit that it is a great idea.

Biomass-Renewable Energy Sources


This is taking heat from the earth and converting it into electricity. This is something that has actually been done for a couple of thousand years, but it is only relatively recently where we have made significant advances in the technology to ultimately end up with something that can generate electricity and do so efficiently.

Geothermal-Renewable Energy Sources

7.Radiant energy

This energy can be gathered from the environment and the result is an energy source that is very effective, but not exactly like electricity as we know it. This is something that is not very popular at this moment in time, but there is no doubt that is we can capture the energy efficiently, then it is something that we could end up turning to in the future.

Radiant energy-Renewable Energy Sources


This is generated using hydropower and that basically means it uses gravity and the way it makes water fall down valleys or rivers and taking that energy and turning it into electricity. It does require special dams to be created in order to harness the power, but apart from that it is effective and unless the river runs dry it will always work.

Hydroelectricity-Renewable Energy Sources


The great thing about tidal power is that you get it every single day no matter what the weather is like. It does of course work as the tide goes in and out and the technology that is available means that it is also very efficient at turning that energy into power that we can then use for all kinds of things.

Tidal-Renewable Energy Sources


Of course with wave power we need it to be quite windy or the sea choppy in order to get the maximum amount of power out of it. Clearly that is not going to be a problem in some places, but it does mean that placement is key if this is to be an energy source that is going to be effective at what it does.

Wave-Renewable Energy Sources


People often think that solar power means that the sun has to go out, but it is the natural daylight that actually does make it work. Obviously the sunnier it is, then the better it is for generating electricity, but generally speaking this is an energy source that is very good and it is something that is never going to run out.

Solar-Renewable Energy Sources


Wind linked to turning a turbine is one of the most popular sources of energy in the world right now. The chances are that there is a turbine near you at this very minute and they are excellent at generating electricity and that is why they are being used all over the world to create some green energy.

Wind-Renewable Energy Sources



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