Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:00 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Fear of Credit Card being Information Stolen

With all the credit card scams that have been happening as of late, more and more consumers are steering away from online shopping. If you don't have an anti-virus and you click on the wrong website, all of the stored information on your computer (including your credit card number) can be stolen by scammers. Experts suggest making sure the online website you're thinking about buying from is secure and trusted. If it isn't then you're better off just shopping in the mall.

Fear of Credit Card being Information Stolen-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

2.Item Not Available

It's disheartening when you finally find the item you want, but can't get it. You put the item in your shopping cart and decide you still want to shop around on the website. Unfortunately, by the time you want to checkout, the item you desperately wanted has now been sold out online. Spending hours searching for an item that says 'In-Stock' and then not being able to purchase it, is one of the most annoying things about online shopping.

Item Not Available-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

3.Poor Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a purchase. If a consumer chats with a representative online and they are not attentive to their needs to leads them astray, that consumer will opt to go to the store instead. Some online retailers take days to respond to their customers and by that time, the consumer has already lost interest in the item.

Poor Customer Service-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

4.It's Your Size But Doesn't Look Good

Just because it's your size, it doesn't mean it looks right. Some clothes and shoes need to be tried on before you purchase them. That cute size 8 dress on may look cute on the model, but it doesn't mean it will look cute on your body. So many shoppers have bought clothes online and had to return it because it did not fit their body right.

It's Your Size But Doesn't Look Good-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

5.Waiting For an Item to Arrive

It's no secret that you can find items online for a cheaper price than what you see in stores. The one downside to this is you have to wait at least 5 days for the item to arrive, when you can easily just go to the store and wait less than one-hour to have it. Of course you pay for expedited shipping, but once you factor that in, the item ends up costing more than it does in the store.

Waiting For an Item to Arrive-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

6.Paying for Returns

When you buy something online you run the risk of not liking an item. Some stores offer better deals online than in the store, so that's why some people take a chance by shopping online. Unfortunately, there are some stores who will not accept returns from items purchased online. And then to make matters worse, these stores want you to pay to ship it back.

Paying for Returns-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

7.Store Sends Wrong Item

Getting a package from an online order can be exciting. That excitement can turn into pure rage when you open the box and discover that the store has sent you the wrong item. Mistakes and human error is bound to happen sometimes, but a consumer spending their hard-earned cash doesn't want to deal with that type of error.

Store Sends Wrong Item-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

8.Item Looks Nothing Like The Photo

Shopping online is convenient, but you can't get a good sense of the size of an item from an online photo. A pair of diamond earrings may look huge on the website, but once you get them, they could be microscopic. Some online stores even put a different photo from the actual item. In instances like this you can easily get your money back if you kick up a huge fuss.

Item Looks Nothing Like The Photo-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

9.Stolen Packages

Some people will see a package lying around and have no problem taking it and going on their merry way. There have even been incidents where UPS, USPS, and DHL workers have stolen the packages of their customers. And since some packages don't require signatures, these thieves can easily get away with stealing the item you ordered.

Stolen Packages-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

10.Lost Packages

Every now and then the post office or UPS will lose a package. Mistakes do happen, but then the consumer has to go through hoops and climb mountains just to file a complaint and get the item or their money back. Even though 9 times out of 10 it's the shipper's fault, they get away with being incompetent because they don't have tracking devices attached to their vehicles.

Lost Packages-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

11.Damaged Package

Manufacturers are supposed to make sure your items are packaged securely in the box. Unfortunately, some shippers don't follow protocol and 'handling with care' is not followed. It's annoying and borderline irritating to order a crystal vase online and then get pieces of crystal because some shipper didn't take heed and handle the item carefully.

Damaged Package-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online

12.Delayed Deliveries

One of the worst feelings is to see that 'EXCEPTION' or 'DELAYED' status when tracking your package. UPS and USPS typically gives customers an estimated delivery date of their online purchase, but there are times when some mishap takes place and your package is delivered a day or two after its supposed delivery date.

Delayed Deliveries-Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Things Online



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