Real Life Hidden Treasures

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:38 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Lake Guatavita

This is in Colombia and there are untold riches at the bottom. For centuries people believed that by throwing gold or gems into this lake that it would bring them luck and appease a God. You can only imagine how many bits and pieces are sitting there, but would you incur the wrath of a God just to find it?

Lake Guatavita-Real Life Hidden Treasures

2.La Chouette d'Or

OK so this is a bit unusual, but this owl that you see here could be worth up to $1 million. The creator has buried a bronze one somewhere in France and if you can find it you can then trade it in for the one that is worth that amount of money, so find the clues, and find that owl.

La Chouette d'Or-Real Life Hidden Treasures

3.San Miguel treasure

In 1715, Spain had a fleet of 11 ships that were to leave Cuba with riches that are worth an estimated $2 billion today. So far seven of them have been found, but they argue that only a fraction of the actual wealth has been uncovered so far and that means there is a lot of money out there.

San Miguel treasure-Real Life Hidden Treasures

4.Key West galleon

This treasure is linked to a Spanish galleon and they say that the treasure could be worth as much as $700 million today. However, $500 million has already been found, but that does mean that there is still a lot out there just waiting for you, so get diving.

Key West galleon-Real Life Hidden Treasures

5.John Dillinger

This guy really was notorious and it is believed that he buried $200,000 in Wisconsin just before he died. They say that it is in small bills in a suitcase and he did it when some of his gang were busy being shot by the cops with him running out the back and hiding it. He was shot dead two months later.

John Dillinger-Real Life Hidden Treasures

6.Butch Cassidy

They say that Butch Cassidy and his gang buried $20,000 in Irish Canyon, north of Colorado in Moffat County. Apart from that we know very little else, but then that is part of the fun of looking for treasure as it is the surprise factor of actually coming across it when you least expected to.

Butch Cassidy-Real Life Hidden Treasures

7.Jean LaFitte

This was a French pirate working in the Gulf of Mexico. There are apparently several sites of interest where it is believed that he buried treasure, but it is mainly around Louisiana and especially off the coast of New Orleans. How much it is worth is entirely guesswork, but you know it will be a lot of money.

Jean LaFitte-Real Life Hidden Treasures

8.Bedford County

Apparently there is $63 million sitting somewhere in this county and it is all because of a guy called Thomas Beale. They say that him and a couple of other guys came across a huge amount of gold and silver when they were mining, but decided to bury it to keep it safe and they created three ciphers. The treasure is still unclaimed.

Bedford County-Real Life Hidden Treasures

9.Mosby's treasure

Mosby was a soldier in the Civil War and at one point he took an important general prisoner and also took with him a sack that contained gold, silver, and some family heirlooms. He decided to bury it, but his trusted men that did so were caught and hanged, so he never got his treasure and it is still sitting there waiting to be discovered.

Mosby's treasure-Real Life Hidden Treasures

10.Mojave desert

The treasure here is due to an oceangoing ship that sank in the area, yes it sank, in the Salton Sea area. The story is that a Spanish galleon carrying pearls ended up here due to a large tide and a runoff of the Colorado river forced it this far inland. The result is that there are a lot of pearls somewhere out there if only you could find them.

Mojave desert-Real Life Hidden Treasures

11.Little Bighorn

The treasure here is actually gold bars that were buried somewhere in this area when the captain of a ship had to lose some weight to stop it from sinking with injured men on board. It is difficult to say how much has been buried, but it was argued it was $375,000 back in the old days, so that is a lot of money.

Little Bighorn-Real Life Hidden Treasures

12.Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn is a guy who has hidden anywhere between $1 to $3 million of treasure somewhere north of Santa Fe. He has then offered a series of complex clues that tell you where it has been hidden, but so far it remains unclaimed and just waiting on you to find it.

Forrest Fenn-Real Life Hidden Treasures



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