Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:03 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.It affects us from an early age

Even as a baby music is capable of making us feel good, so it is not something that we learn as we grow. It has been shown that infants aged five months actually do respond to music and start to dance, in their own kind of way, and they smile whilst doing it. The only thing that changes is the music that they like.

It affects us from an early age-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

2.Bring back vision?

This is interesting, but studies on stroke patients have started to show that it may be possible to bring back some of the vision that is lost after a stroke just by listening to music. 60% of stroke victims suffer some kind of visual neglect whereby they are no longer aware of objects that are on the other side of the brain to the part that has been damaged. Music appears to help them to see some of those things once again.

Bring back vision?-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

3.Changes how you view people

This could sound strange, but studies have shown that listening to happy music even just for 15 seconds can actually alter how we perceive certain emotions on the face of different people. Generally speaking we would view the other person as being happier if we had just listened to happy music and it is all simply because of the way in which we project the mood of the music onto other things or people.

Changes how you view people-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

4.Boost creativity

Ambient noise has been proven to help boost creativity, but if you plan on doing this it is best if the volume control is set to medium to get the maximum benefit from it. This level of noise makes it harder for us to process things normally, so we switch to what is called abstract processing and for us adults that means we get creative.

Boost creativity-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

5.Stops you feeling anxious

Music can help stop you feeling anxious in a number of ways and indeed studies have shown how even top sports professionals can benefit from it. If you feel anxious about something, then think about your favorite song because that can be enough to distract your mind from thinking about failing and your performance will improve as a result.

Stops you feeling anxious-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

6.Makes you more focused

If you listen to music without any words, as this will use up some energy in the language area of your brain, then it may indeed help to increase your productivity and help you to stay more focused. There is also a theory that faster music will make you work harder and how it works may be unknown, but the main thing is that it does.

Makes you more focused-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

7.Fights fatigue

Music in general is capable of helping you to fight fatigue and this is all because of the way in which it encourages your body to release something called dopamine. What happens when this is released is that your mood is lifted and if your mood is lifted even slightly you will no longer feel as tired.

Fights fatigue-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

8.Improves memory

Listening to music does not help your memory, but it has been shown that learning how to play an instrument does indeed make a difference. It is all to do with the way in which we have to use our brain in order to first of all learn the different notes followed by the order of notes that are required in order to play the song.

Improves memory-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

9.Lowers stress levels

When you listen to music that you enjoy it has been shown to be extremely effective at lowering your stress levels. It does this by encouraging your body to release certain hormones due to you being happy and of course when that happens you feel less anxious or worried about things.

Lowers stress levels-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

10.It makes you happy

Music, either playing or listening to it, can help your brain to release certain chemicals that will make you feel very happy indeed. This is one of the major reasons as to why people love music and of course everybody will have experienced it at some point.

It makes you happy-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain


At times you may listen to a piece of music and discover that you get chills down your spine and apparently that is because of the effect it has on your brain. However, in order to experience this you need to basically have this kind of high in one of the five key personality traits and music can get you to that state.

Chills-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain

12.Helps your verbal skills

This may sound a bit strange, but music can indeed help your verbal skills. This was noticed in studies where children that had music lessons actually performed better in a number of different social areas than those that did not and apparently it is all down to the concentration levels that are required with music.

Helps your verbal skills-Psychological Effects Of Music On The Brain



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