Pornstars With And Without Make Up

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 11:33 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Christy Mack

This is quite a rare one in that you do see a difference in her appearance before and after makeup, but because of everything else that is going on you would still recognize her. Of course that us due to her tattoos and hair, but overall she is better than some of the others.

Christy Mack-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

2.Puma Swede

Would you actually recognize her if you stood next to her in a queue with how she looks in the top right image? There is a pretty good chance that you would have no idea you were standing next to one of the biggest porn stars out there right now.

Puma Swede-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

3.Jada Stevens

The pasty faced girl on the left looks like she needs a good cry and a cup of coffee. Next minute she turns into a sultry sex object that is good enough to eat. She even has the little growl look on her face and sexy flashing dark brown eyes.

Jada Stevens-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

4.Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee is rocking hot, when she has make-up on. Here she looks really geeky, just like the kid next door you used to shove off her bike because she was so odd looking. This might make you think twice before doing such a thing. Give her a make-up bag and everything changes.

Brooklyn Lee-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

5.Anikka Albrite

Does Anita know that she could make millions on advertising how make-up changes you from a washed out over bleached blond into a hot smoking cat eyed hottie? She could even leave the clothes on! Well we give her 10 points for having the guts to bare all.

Anikka Albrite-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

6.Phoenix Marie

In a crazy way the photograph of Phoenix with no make-up gives you a snap shot of how she will look at 70. Just add a few wrinkles and grey hair and hey presto!

Phoenix Marie-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

7.Yasmine De Leon

porn star Yasmine turns from a plain-Jane tousled haired nobody to a hot sultry vixen with a few flicks of the make-up brush. Her sparse brows turn full and thick and her round eyes become feline. Her make-up box certainly deserves a standing ovation.

Yasmine De Leon-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

8.Elaina Raye

Elaina Raye in the no make-up photograph looks like a menacing prison cell mate about to tell you the top bunk is hers and if you argue you'll get the only pen she saved over the last two years shoved up your nostril.

Elaina Raye-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

9.Eden VonSleaze

Pictured top left, clean faced Eden reminds one of our favorite teachers at school. The nice one that lived alone with two cats. Suddenly pictured right she turns into the queen of Sleaze!

Eden VonSleaze-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

10.Stormy Daniels

From a saggy pale faced mumsie look to rocking hot porn star, just with a few flicks of the make-up brush. Or maybe a lick of paint who knows?

Stormy Daniels-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

11.Bree Olsen

It is at times like these that we realize porn stars are just human and are just like us. Should we give them a break? Perhaps not, they earn the bucks and they create the fantasy. Punish them!

Bree Olsen-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

12.Bonnie Rotten

The not so bonnie lass in the top right photograph looks little like the sexy spunky chick on the left and below. It seems in this instance the boniness has gone a bit rotten.

Bonnie Rotten-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

13.Tori Black

Tori Black is one of the hottest Pornstars around the world, She has appeared in 383+ movies and is just 26 years old.
Her real name is Michelle Chapman, She is among the top 50 pornstars around the world with over 347k Twitter followers. The makeup transformation here shows the incredible change in her looks before and after shooting a movie.

Tori Black-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

14.Ash Hollywood

Ash Hollywood is an american pornstar aged 26 years old and has appeared in more than 281 movies. Hollywood worked as a swimsuit, catalogue, glamour, and calendar model prior to her porn career. Her real name is Ashley which later changed to Ash after she started working in adult movies. The makeup here shows the remarkable change in her appearance.

Ash Hollywood-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

15.Rilee Marks

Rilee Marks is an american pornstar who has appeared in more than 21+ adult movies within a short age of 23 years. The picture here shows the wonderful make up transformation of her. Not that she was bad or ugly before, She looks awesome either way tbh.
The point of this list is that pornstars have to transform themselves with all this makeup and surgeries to look good in the camera not to forget some the famous celebs with plastic surgeries, We all have to realize that beauty is not in makeup and fake plastic surgeries but the real beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and in your perspective. Everyone is beautiful and we are perfect the way we are.

Rilee Marks-Pornstars With And Without Make Up



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