Pornstars With And Without Make Up

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 11:33 am
By:Tony Williams

4.Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee is rocking hot, when she has make-up on. Here she looks really geeky, just like the kid next door you used to shove off her bike because she was so odd looking. This might make you think twice before doing such a thing. Give her a make-up bag and everything changes.

Brooklyn Lee-Pornstars With And Without Make Up
5.Anikka Albrite

Does Anita know that she could make millions on advertising how make-up changes you from a washed out over bleached blond into a hot smoking cat eyed hottie? She could even leave the clothes on! Well we give her 10 points for having the guts to bare all.

Anikka Albrite-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

6.Phoenix Marie

In a crazy way the photograph of Phoenix with no make-up gives you a snap shot of how she will look at 70. Just add a few wrinkles and grey hair and hey presto!

Phoenix Marie-Pornstars With And Without Make Up