People Having A Really Bad Day

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 8:38 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Falling Slowly

It's a pretty bad day when the roof collapses under your weight and you end up falling into your house. That's a lot of clean up, not to mention the pain of the fall. This person at least landed on a flat surface, versus something sharp or pointy. You never know what may happen on the roof. Santa makes it looks easy.

Falling Slowly-People Having A Really Bad Day

2.Interior Paint Job

You said you wanted a white interior? Well, this is one way to get it. If you're day seems bad, think about having to clean this up, if it's even possible. And what about what the pain was originally planned for. That's a lot of spilled paint to make up for.

Interior Paint Job-People Having A Really Bad Day

3.Lost My Load

Who's having a worse day? The hearse driver or the body in the casket? It's a pretty bad day when you have to lift dead body into your vehicle through a broken window while loved watch in horror. Doesn't say much for your business, but hey, at least the clients don't complain.

Lost My Load-People Having A Really Bad Day

4.Gone Nuts

It's a really bad day when you're hanging by your most precious possession. This squirrel thought he was smart going after the bird feed, until maybe he slipped. For a squirrel, slipping is no big deal, they get right back up and climb again, but not when you get caught up like he did. Ouch!

Gone Nuts-People Having A Really Bad Day

5.Porta Potty Plops Over

It's not always a bad day when you have to use a porta potty. Sometimes you may be at a concert, an amusement park or a fair. Yes, it's the worst part of the day, but then it could just get a little worse. You could end up in a whole lot of crap if you chose this porta potty.

Porta Potty Plops Over-People Having A Really Bad Day

6.Locksmith Lockout

When your van says "Locksmith" on it and you're standing outside breaking into your van, it's a bad day. Apparently, this locksmith locked himself out. Not good advertising for anyone watching. That's like a seeing a toothless dentist. Would you let him work in your mouth?

Locksmith Lockout-People Having A Really Bad Day

7.Big Enough For A Bullet

You think the little spiders you find around the house are bad, take a look at this one. There is only one way to kill it, or so it seems, and that's with a bullet. Who cares that the porcelain will explode and they will have to buy a whole new toilet? They don't. As long as that spider is dead.

Big Enough For A Bullet-People Having A Really Bad Day

8.Thigh Highs

Apparently this woman is at Irwinland, were the infamous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin's family business is. Or, she is just standing in a swamp of dirty water. Either way she is not having the greatest day, when the depth of the water is higher than her thigh high mud boots.

Thigh Highs-People Having A Really Bad Day

9.Cry Me A River Of Toilet Water

When a public toilet backs up, the last place you want to be is ... stuck in the sink. It doesn't appear that plunging it is working, as darker matter, and we all know what that is, is creeping up in the urinated water. The smell must be enough to make his eye tear. He should just make a run for it before it rises any higher.

Cry Me A River Of Toilet Water-People Having A Really Bad Day

10.Flippin' Out

How many guys does it take to paint a house? Three apparently, and all one ladder. It makes sense that the ladder fell, when it appears that at least two, if not three, of those men were on it. Hopefully the guy doing the back flip lands on his feet, and not his head.

Flippin' Out-People Having A Really Bad Day


Aren't we supposed to go around the holes, not into them. Not when it's a sinkhole. These types of holes can open up anywhere, when the ground beneath erodes away. This one was big enough to eat an entire car, and maybe a second. Has to be a weird feeling to have the ground drop beneath you in a flash.

Groundhog-People Having A Really Bad Day

12.Having A Ball

You know it's a bad day when your face is hit hard enough with a ball to collapse half of it ... the ball, not your face. It makes you think about the little things that bother you in your own day, when you imagine the aftermath of this soccer play. It ain't going to be pretty tomorrow.

Having A Ball-People Having A Really Bad Day



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