Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 4:52 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Skyscraper climbing

This is not so much a sport as an entertaining form of mental illness. The man in this picture is named Alain Robert, a French fellow nicknamed 'Spiderman.' He is frequently arrested but, but at least he hasn't fallen to his death. Not a bad track record for a 46-year-old man who has climbed over seventy of the world's tallest skyscrapers including the Empire State Building.

Skyscraper climbing-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


Riding a bicycle can be a serene, peaceful way for anybody regardless of age to get around town. But if you choose to do it like the gentleman in the picture, things can get a little less serene. Broken ribs or necks are not unusual in the sport and if -- like the gentleman in the picture -- you're too cool for padding, you may have to deal with worse.

BMX-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

3.Helicopter skiing

Take the already dangerous sport of skiing down a steep icy slope and add a flying device to take you to heights you probably shouldn't be at in the first place and you've got our number thirteen sport. The guy in the picture is probably being reminded that at one point he thought this was a good idea.

Helicopter skiing-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

4.Street luge

If the luge is a dubious and dangerous career choice, racing a luge at top speed can only get stranger and more ill-advised when done on asphalt. After all, safety equipment like helmets, gloves and pads can only do so much good when crashes occur at speeds of roughly a hundred miles per hour.

Street luge-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

5.Horse racing

This sport makes the list in part because it involves riding an unpredictable animal. The fact that the animal being ridden is often lovely to gaze at doesn't change the fact that roughly sixty people a year die from injuries related to the sport. Horse racing accounts for more traumatic brain injuries than any other sport.

Horse racing-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


Rugby, or as most people call it, drunk people with a ball of some sort, seems to be proof that Americans aren't the only ones capable of convincing themselves that smashing against other men is a sport. But these men do it without a helmet or shoulder pads.

Rugby-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

7.Cave diving

Cave diving is deep sea diving for people who make fun of deep sea divers for being cowards. The additional danger comes with having no straight line of oxygen, which means if something goes wrong with your oxygen supply, you may be too far away to get fresh air. If this sound like fun to you, you're welcome to it. I'll stick to ping pong.

Cave diving-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

8.Scuba diving

If this serene sport doesn't quite seem to belong on this list just consider two words: marine life. And also consider that marine life includes sharks and stingrays. Oh, and there's also the danger of running out of oxygen and drowning. But don't worry -- the sharks are probably more likely to kill you.

Scuba diving-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


Surfing can be a lovely and elegant sport. Riding the waves can be as magnificent a sight as any in the realm of sport . Except the part where the surfer falls off the board and smashes his head against the board, or worse yet, tumbles in the water and drowns. It happens more than you'd think.

Surfing-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


Good old fashioned American Football can always be counted on to provide your son or brother or best friend with a cracked rib, an injured fibula or a concussion. While helmets are often a helpful deterrent to such injuries, it doesn't help when your helmet gets knocked off by a fellow player who is roughly the size of a tank.

Football-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

11.Bull running

If riding a bull is pretty dangerous stuff, running from one -- actually several -- isn't much safer an activity. In Pamplona, Spain it's a yearly tradition for people to tempt fate by engaging in this. Since 1910 fifteen people have been killed, while millions others have decided to take up checkers instead.

Bull running-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

12.Bull riding

It's hard to say who first decided that riding atop a bull was a good idea, but for some reason, the rodeo tradition has remained strong in the Unites States for centuries. You'd think a good goring in the rump would deter guys such as the one in the picture, but many rodeo stars keep going well into their sixties.

Bull riding-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


Yes, cheerleading counts as a sport. And a dangerous one at that. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the sport has accounted for about 26,000 injuries every year since 2007 -- roughly half of all high school females sidelined due to injury. Still, that human pyramid is pretty cool, huh?

Cheerleading-Most Dangerous Sports In The World

14.Base Jumping

BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. Unlike skydivers, who at least have the good sense to leap out of a moving aircraft, base jumpers leap from cliffs and sometimes buildings. As impossible as it may seem, there are some base jumpers who perform this feat without a parachute.

Base Jumping-Most Dangerous Sports In The World


This sport, at first glance, may not appear to belong on a list of death-defying activities. But when you have finely tuned athletes racing at each other at top speed the result can be as horrifying as anything involving a shark or an airplane. Ask yourself if the fellow in the picture is having much fun, then multiply his injury times thousands. That's an average year in soccer.

Soccer-Most Dangerous Sports In The World



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