12 Celebrities Who Stuttered When They Were Kids

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:52 am
By:Tony Williams

Although many researchers loosely link stutter to genetics, no one clearly knows how and why the speech impediment affects some humans. Stammering is mostly observed in children. However, most kids grow out of the condition by the time they hit puberty, thanks to the vocal exercises and modern medical facilities. Hey, did you know some of the iconic Hollywood stars stuttered when they were kids? Fortunately, they all have cured their stutter, mostly on their own. What's fascinating is that some of them even ended up being top singers and vocal artists! Know the names of 12 celebrities who stuttered in their childhood.

#12 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is probably the most famous sportsman ever to suffer from the stutter. Like the other stars on this list, Woods too had a terrible childhood, mostly because of his speech disorder. He said he had struggled a lot to speak with his parents, friends and other kids in his school. The millionaire sports star Tiger Woods once wrote a letter to a little boy who was bullied for stuttering. In the letter, he discussed his stutter and the efforts he put in to speak fluently. He said he used to talk to his dog for hours hoping to steer clear of his speech impediment. Did you know Tiger Woods cheated on his wife multiple times?  

Tiger Woods-12 Celebrities Who Stuttered When They Were Kids

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