Majors That Will Make You Rich

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:53 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is pretty obvious because everybody knows that if you are good at finance, then you will stand to make a lot of money. There are so many different market sectors that you can go into, but if you work hard, then it should ultimately pay off big time.

Finance-Majors That Will Make You Rich

2.Construction management

If you major in this, then your skills are going to be in demand by a number of companies that want you to oversee huge building projects. If they are big projects, then it stands to reason that there will be big money attached and that is what you are looking for.

Construction management-Majors That Will Make You Rich

3.Applied maths

Applied maths can result in you working in engineering, chemistry, business, industry, and a whole host of other sectors, so you can clearly see how you can end up making a lot of money. Of course it is a tough subject, but it is worth the hard work in the long term.

Applied maths-Majors That Will Make You Rich

4.Petroleum engineering

Does this need explaining as to why it is such a good major to have? Being at the forefront of being able to get oil out of the ground is going to be a skill that so many people want in an employee and as long as there is oil you will be in demand.

Petroleum engineering-Majors That Will Make You Rich

5.Management Information

Basically you are going to be able to show organizations changes that they should implement in order to run more efficiently and when you are good at that it is no surprise that you are in demand. You can charge a fortune for your skills due to the money you can end up saving them.

Management Information-Majors That Will Make You Rich


You might be surprised to hear that studying rocks can lead to you becoming rich, but just think about it for a second. Oil companies will want to hire you, mining companies will want to hire you, people that wish to just speculate on finding minerals, and precious metals will want to be your friend and they will pay you big money.

Geology-Majors That Will Make You Rich

7.Civil engineering

The fact that this is included will not be a surprise because for decades we have really understood the importance of civil engineering. There are so many parts to it that all you need to know is to go and study it and look forward to a great career.

Civil engineering-Majors That Will Make You Rich

8.Environmental engineering

People that major in this are now in huge demand because companies, and indeed governments, are actively looking to hire people who can care for the environment without it hampering the progress of us humans. If you can do that, then the world really is your oyster.

Environmental engineering-Majors That Will Make You Rich

9.Software engineering

This is something that has never died away because thanks to the popularity of various computer devices we will always need software engineers. Have a good understanding of what happens and you can almost write your own pay check.

Software engineering-Majors That Will Make You Rich

10.Computer science

This is more complicated than you think because it involves algorithms, complex maths, language, and so many other aspects that it is no surprise large computer companies will pay big bucks for people that are good at their job. Play it right and you could be very wealthy indeed.

Computer science-Majors That Will Make You Rich


Biochemistry is a cool major to do and you can think about the range of companies that are going to be wanting to hire you after you have graduated. You need to be able to think a bit differently in order to come up with new cures that could eventually help save mankind.

Biochemistry-Majors That Will Make You Rich

12.Biomedical engineering

This major really can make you rich because you are basically seen as being one of the most innovative and clever people out there. You will be making robots, prosthetics, and different technology that is to be used in medicine and how cool is that?

Biomedical engineering-Majors That Will Make You Rich



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