Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 12:05 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Inequality in rich countries

Due to the pressures being put on society we can expect there to be a bigger gap in richer countries between the two ends of the social spectrum. The rich will be able to survive and get the latest technology to deal with the changes whereas the poorer will only suffer more.

Inequality in rich countries-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

2.Increase in rain in areas not used to it

While at first this sounds as if it might help some areas it is important to remember that they do not have the infrastructure to deal with it. Yes they may enjoy growing crops, but they will be unable to deal with flooding that can take place leading to more issues.

Increase in rain in areas not used to it-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

3.More plant life destroyed

Plants are going to be unable to adapt quickly enough to the new conditions, so we can expect certain types to basically vanish. This is going to put pressure on those plants that can survive in these conditions, but of course it also means we will find it harder to eat.

More plant life destroyed-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

4.Drop in income leading to more poverty

Due to pressures being put on society and the cost of living increasing it does mean that we will have less money to spend on the things we need. This, in turn, leads to more poverty happening and of course more poverty leads to more issues with them all being caused by global warming.

Drop in income leading to more poverty-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

5.Disease spreading

As the environment changes and we become effected by those changes it is known that diseases will also change and cause havoc. New diseases will appear from time to time and we need to be able to come up with solutions quickly to prevent potentially millions of people from dying.

Disease spreading-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

6.Some marine ecosystems failing

Due to changes in water temperature it is reasonable to assume that some marine ecosystems will indeed end up failing. They will do this as they are unable to adapt to the new conditions and we have to be wary of how this can then lead to a knock-on effect elsewhere.

Some marine ecosystems failing-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

7.deadly heat waves becoming more common

Heat waves are going to get hotter and last longer, so clearly that is going to cause problems in a number of ways. Areas that have never really experience a heat wave before will wonder what has hit them and of course they will not be prepared leading to a whole host of issues.

deadly heat waves becoming more common-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

8.Infrastructure issues due to the extreme weather

We can expect the infrastructure of countries and cities to come under more pressure as resources have to be sent elsewhere in order to combat the problems caused by global warming. There is only so much money to go around, so prioritizing things has to be done.

Infrastructure issues due to the extreme weather-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

9.Farmers in richer nations having less water

Farmers in richer countries are going to end up losing money as they get used to crops failing due to the heat and there being less water available to them. There has to be a lot of adaptation and to improve irrigation techniques before it happens in order to lessen the impact.

Farmers in richer nations having less water-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

10.Poorer nations suffering from more famine

As the heat intensifies we can expect to see more famine happening in countries that are classed as being low to lower middle income countries. This is going to particularly put a lot of pressure on parts of Africa, so we need to be ready for continual humanitarian issues.

Poorer nations suffering from more famine-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

11.Big cities prone to flooding

If you are a large city and on the coast, then you are going to be at real risk of flooding on a regular basis. Indeed, unless steps are taken there is also the chance that some parts could be lost to the sea on a permanent basis as sea levels rise due to the ice caps melting.

Big cities prone to flooding-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions

12.People dying from warming

This one seems pretty obvious with global warming, but during this century we can expect to see more people dying as a direct result of the warming of the earth. People with health issues will find it harder to cope with the prolonged heat, so steps have to be taken in order to keep cool.

People dying from warming-Future Global Warming Changes Predictions



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