Extreme Life Experiments

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 5:23 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.A Year Without Money

Heidemarie Schwermer made the choice to try to live for one year without money. Having never wanted for money in her life, she came from a family of wealthy coffee roasters. After giving everything away, she is going into her sixteenth year using bartering and scavenging, and is living a full life.

A Year Without Money-Extreme Life Experiments

2.Cheating death

Joseph Barcroft, a psysiologist in Cambridge, pushed himself to the edge of insanity, coming close to death, such as subjecting himself to a gas chamber where he lasted ten minutes, before coming out alive. His greatest experiment had him naked in a refrigerated chamber where he passed the point of no return and survived it.

Cheating death-Extreme Life Experiments

3.The Nomad

The twenty six year old Colin Wright, moves from place to place every four months based on votes on his social network. Members of his blog get to vote on what he does, what he wears and where he moves. Things like going paperless and not wearing a certain color, like black, for over a year.

The Nomad-Extreme Life Experiments

4.Eating Glass

Frederick Hoelzel decided to lose weight in the weirdest way. As a teenager he ate sawdust, feathers, corks and corn cobs, instead of food. As an adult, working as a researcher he tracked other objects timing through his body. Needless to say, he was so skinny, he looked like a skeleton.

Eating Glass-Extreme Life Experiments

5.Life Without The Internet

Paul Miller decided to try life without the internet, a concept so foreign to anyone born after 1990. For one year he stayed away from the internet, and it was tough. He felt the urge to check out his social networks the most, but he made it through and made a documentary about it.

Life Without The Internet-Extreme Life Experiments

6.death By Hanging

Nicolae Minovici, a professor of forensic science, decided to study death by hanging in Bucharest. After studying it, he decided to see what it was like first hand. Constructing an auto asphyxiation device, Nicolae devised experiments to see how long he could last, until he hung himself from the ceiling for a full four seconds.

death By Hanging-Extreme Life Experiments

7.Not Made In China

When Sara Bongiorni decided to show people that we are too dependent on China for our goods, she vowed to not buy anything from China. It was harder than she thought as she noticed that everything from shoes to household products were all made in China. She preserved, lasting an entire year without her or her family purchasing from China.

Not Made In China-Extreme Life Experiments

8.Black Widow Spider Experiment

A female black widow spider is one of the most deadliest spiders, but that didn't stop Allan Walker Blair from placing one on his index finger of his left hand, in 1933. The spider bit into his skin, digging deeper and deeper, expelling its venom into his victim. He got close to death within minutes after the bite, but did it to prove a theory of its affect on the heart.

Black Widow Spider Experiment-Extreme Life Experiments

9.Wilderness Man

Daniel Sulo is a true wilderness man, living outside of society without any creature comforts and without any money. Living in the Utah wilderness, he lives off the land. Funny enough, he hasn't given up the internet, from where he blogs about creating his own tribe, and talks about the illusion of money.

Wilderness Man-Extreme Life Experiments

10.Weighted Testicles

Herbert Woollard and/or Edward Carmichael decided to stack weights on their testicles in 1933. It is not clear which of them lay on the table and which stacked the weights on him, but their purpose was to understand referred pain. It is reported in the Brain journal, that 300 grams was used.

Weighted Testicles-Extreme Life Experiments

11.Liquid diet

Seeking to solve the problem of world hunger, Rob Rhinehart decided to come up with a cheap alternative to solid food. He wanted to make sure that he provided the same nutrients that food provided, so the chemist created a liquid called Soylent, on which he lived thirty days drinking only this liquid.

Liquid diet-Extreme Life Experiments

12.Worm diet

When Giovanni Battista found the large intestine of a corpse filled with tapeworm and their eggs, during an autopsy, he decided to see if he could infect himself with the eggs. Swallowing the harvested eggs from the corpse he waited and much to his chagrin, he became infected with the worms.

Worm diet-Extreme Life Experiments



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