15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 9:48 am
By:Tony Williams

Losing weight isn't a tough job when you know how human body works. Obese or overweight people have excess fat in their body, which is the main reason for their excess weight and odd body shape. If you want to get slim, you need to get rid of the extra fat. Fat is nothing but a form of energy human body stores under the skin when you provide it with too much food and calories. Our body uses same fat to produce energy when we cut food intake. Our body needs a good amount of energy to perform its daily tasks. It needs more energy when you have an active life style like playing outdoor games or going to gym. If you reduce your food intake, and burn more calories, you can lose up to 2 pounds a week. Forget about all those magic pills and miraculous cures, and follow these fifteen easy steps to get slim fast! 

Eating bananas is going to help you to get slim as they encourage your body to clear out the excess sodium that is building in your system resulting in you being healthier as a result. The potassium in them will also help against the bloating issue, so do make sure that you include them in your five a day plan and you will benefit in next to no time.

Bananas-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


Lentils and beans are referred to as being plant based proteins and they are a great choice for a staple food that will not only help keep you healthy, but also help you avoid putting on weight as well. These lentils are full of lean protein and fiber and this is undoubtedly going to help you to not only get slim, but stay slim.

Lentils-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

3.Fennel Seeds

Instead of chewing on gum do yourself a favor and start chewing on fennel seeds. These seeds will freshen your breath and make you feel less bloated as opposed to gum that is going to do the complete opposite and it also contains various ingredients that do not lend themselves well to you losing weight.

Fennel Seeds-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


This may surprise you, but if you want to get slim, then you better start loving to eat artichokes. This vegetable is high in fiber, but low in carbs and it is going to help blast that fat and help you to lose weight. It also plays tricks with your mind and metabolism leading to you feeling you have had enough before you would with other foods.

Artichokes-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


To get slim you need to avoid alcohol as much as possible as it is actually full of calories and is also going to fill your body with toxins that you will the have to battle to get back out. You can have a glass of wine with a meal, but do not do it every single night and do limit yourself to just a glass or you will be undoing all of the hard work you have already put in with trying to lose weight.

Alcohol-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


Even though you may think that they are better than sugar you are best to avoid using sweeteners as much as possible as well. The main reason for this is that it will stop you from being able to do a full detox and if you do need to sweeten something go for other natural solutions such as green stevia powder.

Sweeteners-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

7.No big portions

You must avoid big portions even if it is just one big meal that you have per day. The best thing to do is to have small portions spread evenly throughout the day as this will keep your metabolism in check and will result in you being able to eat relatively normally, but without the weight problem.

No big portions-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


Melon is a fantastic food to eat if you are wanting to get slim as studies have shown that it does encourage the body to flush out all of those nasty toxins that are building up inside. Melon is also going to mean that you will not retain water and this is going to help you get slimmer as well as feeling healthier.

Melon-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


People think that by skipping breakfast they will be able to lose more weight, but in actual fact the opposite tends to happen. Make sure it contains insoluble fiber because this will help your body to process things and it will reduce the risk of you becoming bloated during the day.

Breakfast-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

10.Get A Buddy

Always try to avoid losing weight or getting fit on your own as it is a lot easier when there is somebody else going through the same thing as you at the same time. This is going to lead to you being able to really motivate one another especially on those tough days and the result is you losing more weight due to simply never giving up.

Get A Buddy-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

11.Walk The Dog

Walking in general helps to get you slim and studies have shown that 45 minutes of walking per day, which can be broken up throughout the day, is what you should be aiming for if you want to lose weight. By doing this, and walking at a brisk pace, you can lose around 30 pounds a year without changing your eating habits.

Walk The Dog-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently


One of the easiest ways to get slim is to make sure that you drink enough water and indeed the best advice is to drink it for everything apart from just after breakfast where a fruit juice is better. Do you know that on average people in the US will consume 90,000 calories a year from soft drinks? Think how much weight that is the next time you open a soda.

Water-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

13.Ditch Elevators And Escalators

Stop relying on technology as much as possible. If your workplace has stairs in addition to an elevator, always try to climb stairs over using the elevator. Don't use a car or a motorcycle to reach nearest destinations like a grocery store. Walk, or use a bicycle. Think about all the possibilities to increase your physical activity, and follow the ideas. 

Ditch Elevators And Escalators -15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

14.Drink Green Tea

Green tea is known for reducing body fat. Green tea alone can't help you lose weight. It only aids in boosting metabolism, thus speeding up the fat burning activity in the body. Besides aiding in weight loss, green tea has numerous other health benefits. It is one of the best natural antioxidants. 

Drink Green Tea-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently

15.Work Out

If you need to lose tens of pounds of fat, you need to sign up for a gym. Aerobic exercises drain you physically and mentally. They are physically challenging too. If you hate to sweat out in gym, consider weight training over cardio or aerobic exercises. Work out your muscles like how a bodybuilder does. Weight training burns fat, increases strength and builds lean muscles. Most importantly, you will be doing your weight training exercises sitting or lying on a machine or bench!  

Work Out-15 Easy Ways To Get Slim Fast And Efficiently



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