Craziest Diets Ever

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 8:28 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The Air diet

There's something about the smell of a warm apple pie right out of the oven or freshly baked brownies on a summer's day. Though these smells make you want to drive to the nearest bakery, The Air diet expects you to do the opposite. How this diet works is that you sit down in front your meal; dice up your food into small portions; bring it your lips as though you're going to eat it, but you don't eat it. People on this diet mimic eating whenever they feel hungry so they can trick the stomach into thinking it's full. Once you've gotten a good whiff of the food you could've had, you actually fix yourself a bowl of salt water soup to eat instead; this way, your mind thinks it's eating steak and potatoes instead of the Pacific Ocean.

The Air diet-Craziest Diets Ever

2.The Paleolithic diet

The Paleolithic diet gives vegetarians a run for their money. The diet consists of dining on meat, nuts, fish, fruits and vegetables solely. This course of action allows individuals to lose weight by avoiding carbs and fat. This diet also doesn't put a strain on your colon, like some foods tend to do. Actor Matthew McConaughey is known to dabble in this diet.

The Paleolithic diet-Craziest Diets Ever

3.The Cookie diet

Cookie Monster must live off of this diet. The Cookie diet allows individuals to consume six cookies a day in addition to eating only one meal that measures six ounces. But don't start stocking up on Oreos and Chips Ahoy! just yet. The cookies used for this diet are specially made and are used as a hunger-controlling meal replacement. These cookies were developed by Dr. Sanford Siegal in 1975.

The Cookie diet-Craziest Diets Ever

4.The Sleeping diet

Unless you sleep walk, you can't eat while you sleep. Those who follow The Sleeping diet are put under heavy sedation for many days to sleep off the pounds. When you're sleeping, you're not eating, so your body is forced to feed off of food and fat that's already stored within your body. This diet probably won't work for someone with an actual job or life, but the concept is nice.

The Sleeping diet-Craziest Diets Ever

5.Master Cleanse diet

If Beyonce does something, her fans are sure to follow. While prepping for her role in the Dreamgirls, Beyonce reportedly used The Master Cleanse diet (also known as The Lemonade diet) to shed almost 20 pounds in two weeks. The diet consists of only consuming a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water and freshly squeezed lemon juice for 10 days. Though it doesn't seem like it, the cleanse will give individuals a caloric intake of anywhere from 650 to 1,300; it all depends on how many glasses they drink.

Master Cleanse diet-Craziest Diets Ever

6.The Blue Vision diet

The Blue Vision diet isn't as extreme as other weight-loss fads. This diet is based on vision and colors. Experts have said that the color blue suppresses the appetite, and makes food seem unappealing. Doctors often recommend that individuals on weight-loss journeys use plates and cups that are a shade of blue. A company out of Japan even created a special pair of 'diet sunglasses' with blue lenses.

The Blue Vision diet-Craziest Diets Ever

7.The Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider is a signature drink consumed during the holidays. Thankfully, Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to shed those holiday pounds. The Apple Cider Vinegar diet was made popular by poet Lord Byron. Byron said he would drink the vinegar daily to help cleanse his body. The Apple Cider Vinegar diet is believed to rid the body of toxins and calls for drinking a few teaspoons of the vinegar daily. Celebrities Heidi Klum and Fergie have reportedly followed this diet in the past.

The Apple Cider Vinegar-Craziest Diets Ever

8.The Last Chance diet

When there are things like the gym and nutritionists readily available, something like The Last Chance diet should never exist. This diet was created in the 1970s, by Dr. Roger Linn. The good doctor suggests eating nothing but his specialized liquid protein called Prolinn. So what is Prolinn? It's made up of hooves, hides, animal tendons & bones, and crushed animal horns. To make the drink taste better, Linn also threw in some enzymes, artificial flavors, and colorants. Reportedly four million people have tried The Last Chance diet, and 58 deaths from heart attacks while on the diet have been reported.

The Last Chance diet-Craziest Diets Ever

9.Tapeworm diet

Tapeworms look like shoelace strings, but these odd beings have been used to aid in weight-loss for years. Those who partake in the Tapeworm diet do so by ingesting a living tapeworm. Once consumed, everything the person eats is shared with the tapeworm. The tapeworm disrupts digestion, which leads to weight-loss. This may seem like an 'amazing' diet, but the tapeworm also steals vitamins and nutrients from its host, which can result in nutrient deficiency.

Tapeworm diet-Craziest Diets Ever

10.The Cotton Ball diet

Cotton balls may not look like an appetizing entree, but for some it is. The Cotton Ball diet is a very popular weight-loss method used by models. The diet (if you want to call it that) consists of dipping a piece of cotton in orange juice or water and then eating it. The cotton balls make them feel full because it expands. This diet is not recommended by experts because it can lead to malnutrition.

The Cotton Ball diet-Craziest Diets Ever

11.The Amputation diet

The Amputation diet is another extreme form of weight loss. Like its name implies, the diet consists of losing body parts and excess fluids in an effort to lose weight. Reportedly, with this diet, if you cut your hair, urinate, donate blood, trim your toenails or take laxatives you can lose weight. The diet is so extreme that it suggests removing ribs, kidneys or having a breast reduction to shed pounds.

The Amputation diet-Craziest Diets Ever


Horace Fletcher must have studied the feeding tactics of mother birds to conjure up this diet. Fletcherism dates back to 1903, when art dealer Fletcher lost 40 pounds through a chewing method. Fletcherism involves chewing your food anywhere from 32-80 times until it is liquefied. After chewing the food, you tilt your head backwards; allowing your food to trickle down your throat. The food particles that do not trickle down, without force, are spit out. He became known as the 'Great Masticator.'

Fletcherism-Craziest Diets Ever



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