15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:55 am
By:Tony Williams

All crimes need not be evil or violent. Crimes can be weird, funny, silly and stupid too! Many times in the past, police has arrested people for doing dumb crimes. Such offenses are so silly that they make us laugh. Nonetheless, crime is a crime; even if it is beating your partner with a banana! Here are fifteen craziest crimes people have committed.
4.Bad escapee

In Washington DC a convict successfully broke out of jail. His girlfriend was due in court a couple of days later due to being on trial for robbery and he decided to go with her. When it was lunchtime he left, but she wanted to have a chat with him so he was paged. Now courts tend to have police in them, so they recognized his name and arrested him when he came back. He was charged with escaping and for stealing a car, which he used to go and buy lunch.

Bad escapee-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever
5.Circle K

A robber walked into a Circle K store, put $20 down and asked for some change. When they opened the till, he pulled out a gun and demanded them to give him the money. They did, and the guy fled leaving the $20 still sitting there on the counter. His haul from this robbery? $15, so in actual fact this was a robber that lost money when committing a crime.

Circle K-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever
6.Record store

In Michigan, two guys decided to rob a record store. They had clearly never done it before as they were both nervous as they burst into the shop waving their guns in the air. One shouted that nobody should move, but his would-be robber partner moved, so the first guy shot him out of nervousness ultimately ending the robbery.

Record store-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever