Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Stockholm sky view

Well this is certainly a different kind of viewing platform because you stand in this bubble and it moves you up over a building offering you some amazing views of Stockholm from a number of different angles. Some may argue that it is not a viewing platform in the true sense of the word, but it is so different that it is really worth mentioning.

Stockholm sky view-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

2.5 fingers viewing platform

This viewing platform is in Krippenstein, Austria and as you can see it provides you with a view over both mountains as well as a gorgeous lake. These fingers provide you with the chance of standing out over the edge of the cliff, so if you feel like being a daredevil, then go right ahead.

5 fingers viewing platform-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

3.Top of the Tyrol

If you are fit enough to get to the top of the Tyrol mountain, then surely you just have to go that extra step and check out the viewing platform? This is going to provide you with a view that is 3,000m high in the air at the top of a glacier and on a clear day you can imagine how amazing the view is going to be.

Top of the Tyrol-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

4.Il Binocolo

This is in Italy and the best thing about this photograph is that it not only shows the viewing platforms, and why it has its name, but also gives you an idea as to what you will be looking at when you are on there. Both the design and the landscape are just perfect for one another and you can understand why it is so popular.

Il Binocolo-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

5.House on the rock

This particular viewing platform is in Wisconsin and you can imagine the view that you are going to get when you walk out there right to the very end. It is going to offer you the chance to view the entire valley and provide you with some absolutely stunning photograph opportunities.

House on the rock-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World


This viewing platform is in Switzerland and it allows you the chance to look at the mountains as well as down onto Lake Maggiore. It is modern in its design, it provides you with a wealth of information when you get to the end and as long as you have a head for heights it should be a wonderful experience.

Switzerland-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World


This walk is in Australia and as you can see from this image it certainly does provide you with an amazing view over some pretty spectacular landscape. This walk talks you above the rainforest and it just lets you see things from a different perspective and it is going to give you one cool experience.

Illawarra-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

8.Sky Tower, Auckland

This is a viewing platform with a difference in that the viewing part is straight down to the ground. Of course this is going to be absolutely safe, but at the same time your brain and eyes are telling you different things and that is why you need some nerve to stand there in the first place.

Sky Tower, Auckland-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

9.Iguazu Falls

These amazing waterfalls are on the border between Argentina and Brazil and this viewing platform provides you with the chance to basically see how majestic they are as well as their size. This is something that you must do if you are going to be in the area, but just remember there is a lot of spray.

Iguazu Falls-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World


This is in Norway and the viewing platform itself is rather special to look at and that is before you get to the view that it offers you. This lets you check out the fjords in all of their glory and if you are ever in Norway you do need to get yourself there asap.

Aurland-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

11.The alps

The Alps are breathtaking, so it makes sense to have a viewing platform out there that can offer you the chance to really see how amazing they can be. Yes it might be a bit nerve wracking for some people to walk out there, but once you do you will be glad that you went ahead with it.

The alps-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World

12.Grand canyon

Well what can you say about this viewing platform that has not already been said by the photographs? This is certainly one way to get a different perspective of the canyon and how vast it is, but do you have the guts to walk out there over the edge and to then look down?

Grand canyon-Breathtaking Viewing Platforms Around The World



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