Scariest Movies Ever Made

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:39 pm
By:Tony Williams

#10 Poltergeist - 1982

Poltergeist is a chilling film thatfocuses on The Freelings whose home in California is overun by ghosts. The family spends most of the film trying to rescue the youngest daugher Carol Anne, who has been kidnapped by the ghosts. Even more haunting than the film, is the curse that follows the franchise. Four cast members died in the six years between the releases of the first and third Poltergeist films. None of the deaths occurred in the house, but some find it strange that so many castmembers' deaths occurred within such a short time span. Real skeletons were used as props on the movie set, but they were not harmed.

Poltergeist - 1982-Scariest Movies Ever Made